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  • Hope delays?
  • Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Ordered a Hope rear wheel from the LBS about 4 weeks ago.

    Still not arrived. LBS saying that their Hope orders are taking up to six weeks to arrive (now that I’m chasing, it wasn’t mentioned when I ordered it).

    Obvs bike part supply chain is up the swanny currently, but I now see that I can buy it from CRC with next day delivery.

    So, does anyone have experience of Hope wheel delays recently? Are they a ‘thing’? Or am I getting the runaround from the LBS?

    Want to do the right thing (and save a tenner) by shopping the LBS, but what’s the advice from the STW massive?

    Premier Icon simonbowns
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    Yep, Hope have been updating dealers about order delays. Currently 2-3 weeks on general orders, 5-6 weeks on wheel orders.

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    Premier Icon transporter13
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    Ignore the crc next day crap… I’ve been waiting over a week for a rear mech that was ordered with next day postage.

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    Hopefully mine were built on 30/7, been waiting for over 6 weeks for a set of fortus 30’s

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    Hope B2B currently says wheels will take a minimum of 4 weeks

    When I placed the an order a month ago it said two weeks, wheels took about a month.

    Due to social distancing.

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    Last set of wheels I ordered from Hope took approx 4 weeks. Had a parts order come next day this week which surprised me 🙂

    Premier Icon mehr
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    They’re currently producing in batches of size and colour, so it’s a lottery of when your colours up

    Edit I spoke to them Wednesday about orange bit

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    Just bought some E4s from lbs and it’s taken 3 weeks
    As above Shop said wheels were 4-6 weeks

    Premier Icon cakerider
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    Ordered hope fortus wheel at the start of May and lbs were upfront of the 4 week delay at the time…in the end took nearly 8 weeks for the wheel to arrive

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