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  • Hope Brakes leaking in box. Normal?
  • Mrs J has bought me a set of Hope E4 Tech 3 for my Birthday which was extremely kind. However, whilst attempting to fit tonight I noticed oil on the inside of the packet of the rear one when first opened.

    Is this normal? If so you would have maybe expected them to cover the callipers? Do I fit and hope no oil got on the pads or send back and ask for a replacement? Meant to be riding tomorrow so airing on the side of chancing it.

    All the best,


    I had similar. I rang hope and they said a little bit is normal. I have had no problems but if you are concerned ring hope tomorrow. They will put your mind at ease or remedy it if there is a problem.


    Nope not normal*. You’ve missed the possibility that they might simply be leaking, and will continue to do so in use.

    *well apparently it is, never seen it myself

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    Didn’t look like much, possibly just a bit of fluid trapped above the lever diaphragm escaped thru the open port

    I wouldn’t worry


    There was a printed note stuck to the inside lid of the box of mine that said it was normal.


    Pretty normal.
    Usually when bled there is a bit of excess sometimes out the port on the reservoir.


    Yep, pretty normal in my experience. Never been a problem.


    Completely normal to have some fluid on the inside of the bag of Hope brakes.

    If there was a puddle that would be a different story but fit the brakes and never worry about it….. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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