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  • wl

    Just had 3 (admittedly punishing) months out of an XT BB and it’s already rough as anything. Will a Hope last significantly longer so I can justify the extra cost? How much do the replacement bearings for Hope BBs cost? Ta.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    3-4 years of UK use from hope same BB now running in Oz. Lots of wet UK riding.



    Similar to Mike (but not the Oz bit). 3 years on one bike, and sold another frame with a 2 year old Hope BB that was still going strong. Not sure on bearing prices….might be worth checking on CRC as they usually stock Hope replacement bearings.


    3 years on my (ceramic) Hope BB. They still feel like new with zero maintenance so far.


    My driveside bearings lasted 12 months then I replaced them @ £15 per side.

    You can knock them out and re-seat them with a scoket set but I bought the correct Hope tool for £19.

    You still have to remove the BB to replace the bearings so an XT would be cheaper overall.

    Hope look better and generally last longer though.


    Hope BB bearings will cost you more for each side than a full XT BB will.
    That said, I’ve changed a few too many XT BBs so I’m giving Hope a try now.

    Premier Icon Zaskar93

    Thick end if 3 years of a Hope BB on my Heckler (same on the wife’s Superlight) and not a bit of bother. The only creak I have had turned out to be my Gobi Fizik seat but I went round checking stuff including the BB. Pleasantly surprised to find it silky smooth and no grit etc. lifted the lip seal and injected some fresh grease whilst I was at it but not really necessary. Just put a used Hope BB bought from here onto my Zaskar too after killing several Shimano units and don’t expect any trouble. Bearings aren’t expensive, even cheaper when you don’t actually have to change them!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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