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  • Hope bottom bracket outer seals fitted wrong way – click/noise related!
  • SOAP

    This is the next issue I need to fix on my Pitch.
    When climbing under pressure I get a click/knock noise on every pedal stroke. (I thought it was my knees at first) but it might be the pedals.
    I’ll change pedals for the next ride and will report back.


    Try tightening the chainring bolts.

    My pedals are only 3-4 weeks old 🙁

    Funny thing was it was silent on Thursday nights ride completely from start to finish! Not sure what’s changed since then apart from not lubing the chain properly after washing it

    Mine only does it climbing tough sections on road or off road usually in 1st or 2nd gear but its bloody annoying think my click does it twice every revolution!

    I’ve done absolutely everything else known to man, only thing left I can think is either rear mech buggered somehow or jockey wheels (but it’s not skipping gears) just clicking annoyingly and now is actually worse off road than on road

    I had a silent bike for six months , I want it back please

    Chainring bolts done, rear qr done, headset done, bb done, pedals new and tight , all bolts toqrued , cables checked , seat post seat collar , saddle checked

    I’ve checked it all, the only thing I’ve found wrong is the outer seals on my bb the wrong way around

    Bearings only 6 nonths old and no play and new wheelset and it was doing it before them anyways


    I got my hope bb second hand so not sure if the seals are right or wrong. Feels smooth tho..

    I some managed to fit both my plastic out seals on my hope bb the wrong way, so the stepped bit was on the inside, question is I’ve been getting this annoying tick/click when climbing I’ve had it pretty all day today on a 38 miler and its driven me Insane, I’ve done absolutely everything I can think of all the usual stuff this is the only thing that’s fitted wrongly, so I’m hoping its the cause of the tick/click, is it possible Stw masssseeeev?

    Also is it possible to get a tick/click type noise from lack of chainlube? I forgot to put some on today although I really can’t see it being that its the only other thing along with the seal above?

    I can’t stand noises on bikes and today should have been a peaceful lovely day instead I had a driving me insane click noise all day


    Check rear hanger? Mine clicks if I don’t clean and tighten it occasionally.

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    I’ve got a clicky Hope BB on a Pitch too. I’ve gone over everything twice and suspect its the seals – although they’re flush and smooth they are a tiny bit deformed near the middle, but (IMO) nothing to cause such a loud click.

    I’ve got the little lip on the outside / flat side on the inside BTW, which I’m 99% sure is how it came when I bought it.

    Found some for a quid though.

    Hmm I really dunno where to go now, it also sounds like my gears aren’t overly smooth either, though they are shifting ok it almost sounds a similar click as if the gears were skipping

    All new chain, ring and cassette and it doesn’t sound to great in the top 3-4 gears( which is when it’s clicking)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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