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    Yeah you can, just adjust the limit screws on the mech and you’ll be sorted.

    However…. there is a chance that the chain can catch on a weld near the rings when shifting between the front rings. Mine does it occasionally, but only when in the work stand so not really a concern

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    I’ve done almost exactly the same.

    SLX triple with 38/24t rings and a Hope bash. It all works fine.


    Ok thanks,
    Can anyone recommend a replacement middle ring and where I can get it.

    I would like it to be xt but can not find one,
    Unless you can recommend something better.

    Thanks again.


    36t SLX ring does the job for me


    I have a current xt triple on my 5
    And I would like to fit a hope bashguard.

    Can I replace my middle ring with a 36 tooth and then replace the big ring with the guard.
    If I remember rightly the xt shifters can be switched from triple to double.

    Everywhere I look it says the below,

    Hope's new aluminium bash ring takes the place of the large chain ring on single or double ring set-ups, ideal for the new breed of 1 x 10 or 2 x 10 drivetrains.

    Does not say anything about triples anywhere, but not sure if it means by double set up, granny, middle, then bash instead of large on a triple.

    Forgive me if I am being dim.

    I have a brand new hope 36t bash bought in error if your interested…


    I have just ordered one from halfords (30% discount) off the back of the above answers.

    Thanks you for the offer though.


    Would this chainring work.
    Its titled as an slx 36t middle ring but then says in description double only.


    Are double and triples chainrings spaced differently requiring the shifters pull lenght to differ.
    If so is the spacing dictated by the ring itself (different offset between bolt hole face and teeth).
    Or would the rings be the same and spacing decided by bolt holes in the actual cranks spacing.

    I am just trying to work out why this says double only.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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