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  • Honeymoon ruined, recommend somewhere to stay for riding for a few days
  • jekkyl

    What you need is Some sort of district packed full of peaks which when you climb give glorious views over many lakes and other peaks. A district which has both fabulous natural trails and an excellent trail centre but isn’t very far away at all.

    Premier Icon windydave13

    Bloody hell fella that’s not good.
    If you go kielder it’s not too far to Hamsterly, Slaley Forrest or Newcastleton for a bit extra. Paul can probably give you some extra suggestions as well.


    Would be nice to know which cottage you turned away from and why as I might be going up that way this year and don’t want any nasty surprises!

    Why not find a hostel and not completely waste the trip north? Then go on honeymoon elsewhere at a date and time of your choosing.

    We need to hear the story….

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    Hi chaps,

    For a few reasons our honeymoon in Torridon has been ruined. I wont go into detail, but we turned up to the cottage and turned back straight away.

    We are looking for somewhere to stay for a few days this week and ride and walk.

    We live just down the road from Glentress and Inners, so looking for something different.

    Was thinking of staying in Kielder in a yurt for a few days and riding around Kielder.

    Has anyone got any other options?




    Are the midges really that bad!

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Head to Aviemore

    t-p 26

    I would stay in the highlands. Kielder for a honeymoon……how long are you planning to be married??


    Mis described?


    I’ve been to Kielder twice and I’m really not sure why I went back. The midges are almost up to Loch Lomond standard.

    Just head to the lake district. There’s a good reason why it’s so popular.


    Fort william ? Do some of the natural riding as oppose the witches trails ?

    Premier Icon mtbguiding

    Aviemore – great town, amazing riding… could even recommend a cottage/house that I stayed in 2 weeks ago (PM me). I’d give the Old Bridge Inn a miss though.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Hebrides or Skye if you can find a place to stay. Both have good wild-ish camping spots (toilet and water supply available but nowt else).

    Fraoch Lodge on Boat of Garten is good if you go for the Aviemore side. Rebecca cooks some great food.


    Applcross is just a few miles south?


    Massively intrigued :s

    My vote goes for turning up at the nearest airport and getting some last second seats to somewhere. People drop out of flights all the time and they want to fill the seats. You can go anywhere ridiculously cheap as long as you dont care where the anywhere is!

    Do it!


    And this is how the OP ended up in Slough.

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