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  • toys19

    I’m looking for a winter car for Aberdeen, the wife has stolen the accord back off me, and as a Honda-Phile I am drawn to the CRV, there are loads of them about and seem to be dirt cheap.
    Do you guys have any experience of them?

    I know they be thirsty, I can cope with that.. Looking at spending 2k max.

    Thirsty, oh yes, but dropping from 80 to 70 as you sweep past the A90 speed cameras will save a fair bit. they handle like tanks as well, or put another way, they handle sort of like they look. they are spacious and comfortable, there’s a lot of room for back seat passengers which eats into boot space with the rear seats up but the who;e thing is still cavernous. reliability has been awesome, bought mine at 60k, serviced about 100k, needed nothing done to it. Underside still looks brand new according to the mechanic. Until recently OH lived in the country in Perthshire and winter before last (remember how bad it was?) the CRV showed itself to be surprisingly competent on the roads and track up to her house.
    Overall, if you don’t drive pedal to the metal everywhere, aren’t too bothered about fuel economy and might like to stick a couple of bikes in the back, it’s a fine motor.
    EDIT – and £2k should get you a MkII which has the free picnic table

    Premier Icon fenboy

    I’ve had one for 4/5yrs! great car for winter/bike/dog/kid carrying duties but not if you do long journeys or put your foot down. approx 25mpg or 320miles on 55 litre tank (which costs approx £65-75 to fill up) we don’t do loads of miles. reliable and not too spendy to get worked on so balances out I guess. the electronic activated 4WD rear universal link thing(diferential?) you should get the oil changed in this as most of them make a grinding noise on full lock as no one services them. you can also take the drive shaft off in the summer for better fuel economy and put it back on in winter??

    mines the one with the picnic table which is useful for camping. goes through exhausts though as they sit quite low and get hit by road water a lot and you have to be careful off road for the same reason.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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