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  • haardaarss

    I’m one of the lucky ones – number 150 AND a confirming email. Not so lucky are all my sons and mates who were relying on my nimble fingers to sort their entries. Should I feel guilty? The real person at my bank says five payments went through, but I suspect Entry Central will only “collect” the money for entries already confirmed by email. I suspect these are the ones which remain on the published entry list.

    So – what happens now? Entry Central closed the process with what looks like just over one half of the available places confirmed as sold. My guess would be that the remaining places will be allocated on the basis of the times presumably showing up on their records of when customers were bounced, although with so many of us hitting repeated requests, that could be a problem.

    But why the melt-down this year? How likely is it that 10,000 plus people were all trying to enter at 12 noon? Even with last year selling out in 40 minutes, that doesn’t suggest such a volume of applicants?

    And why choose 12 noon on a Saturday? Maybe this was a response to presumed gripes from people in previous years who couldn’t access a pc at 10:00 am on a weekday morning, which is when entries have been opened up electronically in previous years. Did no-one realise that using a weekday morning opening date would act as a volume regulator, notwithstanding it was tough on those unable to get online at that time of day?

    Let’s hope it’s sorted soon. Dare I step away from the pc?

    And what’s the chance that more than a few people will be riding “independantly” in May, on the public roads and trails, forgoing the cake and medal, rather than miss out completely on something they had expected to be able to participate in?


    Well I eventually got an e-mail (duplicate receipt for me as well) saying I’m in, but I’m not on the sign-up list and no cash has left my account.

    Hopefully the e-mail means I’m in……

    Premier Icon ironbrucove

    According to the pending transactions on my credit card I’ve paid four times! I hope the hamsters get it sorted.

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    10,000 people trying to enter at one time – utter rubbish and i can’t believe Entry Central take us for such fools

    Here’s hoping that everyone who tried to get into today is ready to buy a ticket when Entry Central get their system sorted

    Looking forward to a great event now


    well I have the confirmation email but my name is no longer on the list. But I’ll turn up with the email and ride.
    I appear to be the only 1 in our club to get in………..grrr


    Good evening all, apologies for the difficulties today signing up for this years HONC.
    We are still waiting for a proper explanation and results from ‘Entry Central’ who due to massive demand were inundated and completely overwhelmed by the demand for places resulting in the entry to this years HONC being temporarily suspended.
    We are working hard to resolve issues many people have had and we will do our best to communicate these as soon as we can.
    Information will be available on the http://www.honc.org.uk/ web page, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WinchcombeCycleClub and Twitter @winchcombe_cc this event is run in conjunction with Cheltenham and County Cycling Club as well.
    Enjoy your biking tomorrow WCC

    Premier Icon psling

    What a nightmare for you guys, you have my sympathies and I hope it all works out right in the end. It’s amazing how the event has become so popular and oversubscribed during the last few years.

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Just looked at the sign up on entry central and there are now 960 entries from 710 so if you werent on the list you may well be now.


    I’m back on………….but I’m the only one from our club……


    The little lady’s entry is now on the site (oo-er).

    All the best to the organisers in sorting out the mess that was not of their creation. Looking forward to the day now 🙂



    Thank you for your patience and understanding over what has been a very difficult few days and we apologise again for the problems you have encountered.

    EntryCentral have been working extremely hard over the weekend to get the system issues resolved and are now confident that they have a robust ’sign on’ list, if your name is on the list your entry has been successful.

    EntryCentral have stated:
    “Due to the problems, some users may see ‘shadow transactions’ on their cards http://www.sagepay.com/help/faq/what_is_a_shadow
    these are Authorisations for which there will be no subsequent collection, and they will disappear from your statement at a time determined by your bank.”

    Both we and EntryCentral are responding to individual queries a soon as we can but it will still take some time to reply to everyone

    We currently have 968 sign ups and 1250 places in total will be available. We are currently reviewing the best & fairest way to reopen entries and will update this site with that information in due course

    Meanwhile we are still dealing with a big volume of queries and we would ask you to please not contact us unless it is absolutely necessary.

    Premier Icon Andy

    Happy to sit tight. I have 3 entries for 3 required places. I’ll contact you to sort the details out once the dust has settled a bit. 😀


    Thanks Andy, glad you have some spots look forward to seeing you and your friends this April.. all the best 🙂

    I’m in too and very happy at that – nightmare for the HONC team with the EC system crashing – think they’ve done a great job in sorting out what should have been a simple process for all. Good luck to all with entries still pending.

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