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  • HONC. 50km, 100km or a mixture of routes ?
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    haha, like to see a CX bike follow you down the scree slope.
    Make a very good clip for youtube.

    Premier Icon sheldona
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    Now there's a thought!

    How far apart are the water stops ?
    I'm trying to work out what capacity of camelbak or water bottles to take.

    Premier Icon grahamh
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    The feed station is aprox. half way round on both routes.
    2lt blader should be ok, take a bottle as spare, it may get
    a tad warm tomorrow.

    Thanks. My ambition of a sub 6 hour time is slightly less unrealistic now the course has been shortened a bit, so I'll plan on carrying 3 or so hours worth of water.
    Met Office are predicting 9-13 deg. C with winds of 10-14mph.

    Premier Icon Alex
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    I did consider riding my rigid old kona round instead of the Orange. Having just given it a quick up and down the road test, I think I'll stick with the FS.

    I'd be quicker on the Kona. But badly, badly broken I think. Instead I've stuck 40psi in the bald tyres just for the look of the thing.

    I hope nobody is going to take this too seriously 😉

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    If you know anybody still wanting a place drop me an email. Address in profile.

    I'm taking this deadly seriously.
    I've been reseraching data from the Met office, the organisers, past participants and Google Earth and, after much deliberation, have decided to ride the bike I've been commuting on this week, with the tyres it's already got on it.
    I've been carb loading all week too. Mmmm, chips. 🙂

    If you see a big fat beardy bloke in Vegan Cyclists kit going for the "Most Niche Bike of the Day" award with a purple Gary Fisher 29er with white rims and a Rohloff hub, say hello.

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    Mrs TR and the 3 TR children are off to Sudeley Castle for the day. Has anyone been there before ?? Will it keep a 35, 13, 12 and 5 year old happy for 6-7 hours ??

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    Not sure that there is enough to do for your family at Sudeley Castle for the day 6-7 hours… maybe look at going to the Cotswold farm park instead. I live in Winchcombe, and Sudeley Castle is good but not that good for whole day.

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    Kiwi stu – it did them for 4 hours, so not bad. I wish the weather was a bit warmer for them though…..

    Militantgraham, after further pondering I've decided that you need punctuation in the "Go Vegan" slogan on your shorts. A coma or an exclamation mark should do it…..

    martyntr, I take it from your location you're the guy in the MTB Wales jersey who asked me about my Go Vegan shorts.
    The ambiguity is intentional. We employed an advertising agency at great expense to come up with a slogan that was both memorable and thought provoking.

    Premier Icon martyntr
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    Indeed I was the rider.

    If it wasn't for that bloody puncture on the final descent, (some 95km's in) I'd have beaten at least 1 vegan 😉

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