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  • Homemade Reverb Stelalth cable routing
  • robarnold

    Talk to me about it. Considered the benefits of a Lev but its still very ‘busy’. I have a 2012 Rumblefish but would consider drilling the frame for hose routing of the Stealth. Most likely position would be rear of seat tube close to the front mech mount, that’s where the likes of Trek’s Scratch have the routing on the factory routed ones.

    Anybody done it? Will i die?

    I’m aware on the obvious warranty invalidations iit would incur.

    Also, what does MMX stand for with Reverbs?



    mmx is 2010 I believe.
    shouldn’t be a problem, bottle cage mounts don’t cause issues


    MMX is just the matchmaker clamp. So if you’ve got Avid brakes you can mount them with the Reverb on the one clamp (if you want).

    Death is unlikely, would probably do it to my own bike if I didn’t already have a normal Reverb on it

    The remedy

    I’ve had a stealth post on my remedy 09 for about 7 months .not had any issue yet with frame snapping.Drilled down tube 50mm from top and runs down and around bb and up.


    Just had a Eureka! Moment……bottle cage bosses. goodgrief we’ve never met but if and when we ever do, I’m going to bloody snog you.

    Just done some prodding about and the hose will run through a drilled out lower bottle cage boss and straight up the seat tube no problems.

    KS good effort, thanks but no thanks. Reverb Stealth it is.

    Now another quandary…right or left….above or below bar 😀


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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