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  • Home Network (Cat 6) and Sky question
  • mk1fan

    Currently organising the TV aerial (twin cable) and a Cat 6 network to the bedrooms at home.

    Aerial sockets are to be qaudplex modules so Sky+ / Sky HD / similar interactive is available in each room. Do these interactive boxes still need a regular phone socket or can a single Cat 6 module surfice or do they need both?

    Anyone know?

    I’m tempted to put two Cat 6 modules in each room but if a telephone socket is also required I’ll need to add some extra stuff to the parts list.



    you don’t *need* to have the sky box plugged in for general use (though the contract says you must), but it would probably be better to sort it now while you;re doing it in case the interactive services you wish to use are those that require the phone line

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    Yeah. I wouldn’t bother either.

    You’re contractually obliged to have it connected to the phone line for the first twelve months of ownership (unless you buy out of that clause), after that then you can do what you want.

    The phone line is used for interactive / pay-per-view services, stuff like Box Office. It is categorically not used for Sky+, Anytime etc. So it depends what you’re referring to by “interactive” really.

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    They Do actually use the Phoneline if you’re paying multiroom subscriptions. They use the callback to prove the boxes are still at the same address. Why the hell they aren’t doing this over the Broadband connection (on connected boxes of course) is beyond me ( well not really it’s an infrastructure change at their end and no doubt costs a lot to change!)

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    Two cat6 will be fine. You can run a phone line over cat5/6 easily if you do need one.


    What I mean by ‘interactive services’ is the connection of a smart TV. The likelihood of Sky or Virgin going to each room is low (for me) but I’d like to ‘future proof’ as the place is being significantly stripped out.

    Looks like twin Cat 6 modules is the most versatile.

    Thanks oh great hive mind.


    I think they also use the phone line for sw updates, which is a bit of a pain.


    I think they also use the phone line for sw updates, which is a bit of a pain

    No – These come over the satelite. You only need a permanent phone for Sky if you have multiroom as someone else said already.

    You also need the phone line to order box office movies but you can just plug a cable in temporarily if you need to do this.

    However this is old tech so wiring it isn’t really future proofing. I’d go for the cat6 cable and then if the phone line is required after that you can use a wireless adapter.

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