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  • Home-growing fruit/veg 2015
  • Premier Icon bearnecessities
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    So how are people getting on?

    Very short strawberry season this year (3 weeks?) and fruit in general seem to be not as abundant as last year.

    However some things are thriving; a sunny August/Sept needed now….pleeease!

    Premier Icon Jossie
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    3 tomatoes, quite a few radishes and cucumbers this year, everything else seems to have died off or got eaten by something. Hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes though in the next few weeks.

    Premier Icon kayla1
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    We’ve had a good crop of taties and strawberries (but they strawbs have finished now), a handful of rasberries, a decent load of blackcurrants, the cabbage and beetroot have done well (pickled beetroot!), the apples are small but cook well, blackberries are on their way and we’ve had an unbelievable amount of peas 😀 OH has a couple of jars of pea pod wine clearing at the minute! We’ve had spinach in as well, which we left too long and it went to seed.

    Premier Icon Smudger666
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    Peas and beans and tomatoes – useless this year in Fife – no heat in the ground or from above.

    I do have a hotbed with two melon plants that are doing ok.

    Tatties and all,the brassicas ok.

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    An abundance of courgettes , blue berries and red currants.
    Salad is doing nicely.
    Next year we will grow mainly in troughs on the patio. Maybe because it’s been so dry we’ve not had so many slugs.

    Premier Icon mikey3
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    Had lots of broad beans,picked lots of runner beans today,onions growing ok(think i’ll pull them up soon before they get to tough),also got about 10 tom plants with loads on but are taking ages to turn from green.Leeks and sprouts in now for later and today planted 3 types of spuds in bags to hopefully have Christmas.Only started gardening last year,really enjoying it.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Only thing that has worked this year are potatoes and bush tomatoes. On, and rhubarb.

    Beans, peas, carrots all failed.

    Thinking of giving our small patch a year off next year to see if it needs to recover. Or just paving it!

    Premier Icon steveoath
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    Loads of strawberries, more coming through. A tonne of rhubarb as well. Mint going mental as usual.

    Premier Icon alibongo001
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    Amazing year for raspberries this year!

    Premier Icon cheers_drive
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    Started with an excellent few weeks of crops from purple sprouting broccoli. Then the salad leaves, spinach, and radishes although subsequent crops of these have failed. Only 4 servings worth of strawberries but they were good. Then first decent crop from the cherry tree, enough to make a couple of pies.
    Recently just picked new potatoes, cucumbers (plant is growing well but cucumbers are slow growing this year), courgettes (going very well this year), runner beans, purple french beans, beetroot, broad beans.
    Yet to ripen apples, pears (looks like another huge crop), carrots, winter squash, tomatoes (as usual these are a disappointment and will only be suitable for making soup when they are finally ready in October).
    Have also grown globe artichokes from seed, only a few made it to be planted out but are now looking OK, will hopefully get a crop next year.
    Failures have been peas, chilli peppers, sweet peppers.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Strawberries were so sweet and plentiful.
    Lots of purple sprouting broccoli early on.
    Pounds of raspberries, which the blackbirds are enjoying.
    Rhubarb has been good.
    Mangetout good.
    Leeks are growing well, as are various cabbages and sprouts.
    Enjoying good tomatoes but cucumbers have been disappointing, only had 2 so far.
    Potatoes weren’t good. I tried a purple variety that tasted of nothing.

    Premier Icon badnewz
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    Courgettes coming through nicely. I’m quietly optimistic about the peppers but think the tomatoes are going to struggle this year.

    Premier Icon kcal
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    9lbs of redcurrants apparently.

    Good haul of strawberries (not bad since they were just growing pretty wild when we moved in 10 years ago).

    Great stock of raspberries – still some but tailing off.

    Beetroot, looking for brussels sprouts; leeks OK.
    Tomatoes looking good (just small ones but that’s good).
    Lettuce, rocket have been great and lovely to pick fresh.

    Premier Icon pigyn
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    Strawberrys, rhubarb, salad, beetroot, blueberrys all fantastic.

    Redcurrents were stopped by ants (!?!) setting up home in the tops of the plants. 75% of the garlic had some kind of rot/fungal infection, courgettes only just starting after a slow start and late fruiting, slugs getting at lots of stuff as usual and my new ‘summer berry’ bushes a huge disapointment.

    Premier Icon kcal
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    oh, forgot about the rhubarb! another leftover from when we moved in – found it bedraggled in a corner, split and moved it to sunny spot near out green cone compost things, it has taken off (presumably because of the decomposing kitchen waste in said green cones). Great 🙂

    Premier Icon zbonty
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    I’ve not tried before this year. Tomato plants that I put in the ground went crazy, ones in pots not so much. Strawberries got munched by beasties.
    The overgrown apple tree is casting too much shade and depositing lots of not very tasty apples on the grass. Gonna get a savage haircut in autumn!

    Premier Icon konagirl
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    Could it have been aphids? The ants harvest them, eating the honeydew they produce.

    We have a significant ant problem, but the weather has been good, wet and warm (south-east). So toms are already ripening, plenty of courgettes, cucumbers ok but not very productive. Gave up on brassicas as there are too many caterpillars here (fields of oil seed rape within a few hundred metres). Sweetcorn are flowering which is a lot earlier than last year, so looking good for a barbeque or two!!

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