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  • CountZero

    Not really certain, but unless the room is more than about 20-30′ long, you’re not going to get any real benefit, I wouldn’t have thought.
    Open to being corrected, mind, mine’s only 5.1 in a normal sized sitting room.

    That’s what I thought but I’m having an extension built and though it’s not 20-30′ long it’s a lot bigger than my current lounge. While the building is going up I thought I’d lay the speaker wires while I can so as not to upset the wife with exposed wires should I decide to expand later on. Then, of course, if the wires are there I may as well use them! Just wondering if I can get away with a more discreet side speaker placement.

    How hot do woodburning stove flues get? I would have to place one of the speakers close to the flue – maybe 6 – 8″ away.

    Has anyone got a 7.1 set up? I’m considering expanding my system but positioning of the side speakers is going to be awkward, meaning I might have to compromise with smaller more discreet speakers (maybe a couple of Bose acoustamass cubes) mounted higher up and pointing down. So my question is are these channels just effect channels or are they more key in the setup compared with the rears?


    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    You’ve just reminded me that I may have acquired two extra speakers that now need wire.
    When I set up our current 5.1 system (Sony 1040 + Kef Eggs) the arrangement of speakers is 1 centre, front left and right, and side left and right plus a subwoofer. Adding the other two speakers will either give a height channel at the front, or provide a rear pair.
    Whilst the Bose acoustimass speakers are nice have a look at the Cambridge Audio Minx satellites. Great sound and cheaper. Also Kef Eggs can be found for very little on ebay, but they may be a little big for what you need.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    While the building is going up I thought I’d lay the speaker wires while I can

    Lay ducting?

    Cougar, good idea, i’ve got conduit layed into the front wall to enable me to change out all the AV cable to the telly and the front speaker cables (FL, FR and centre). Its not really feasible to lay conduit to the rears due to the layout of the room, and its only speaker wire so once its laid its laid and will last. I’m terminating with nice wall plate with gold plated screw posts.

    Good call on the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers, i’ll take a look. My dad has the Bose cubes and they look nice and actually perform well, to my ears at least, and the Bose stuff tends to get unfairly bad press, maybe its because they’re so pricy, but i was looking to ebay for them. The Kef eggs are great, i’ve had them before, but are too big for where i’m going to place them.

    I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    My dad has a 6.1 system with Bose speakers. The sound is a little on the warm and cuddly side for my tastes (might just be how he has set it up?) but it is still pretty good quality when you take into account how small and convenient they are.

    I’ve only watched a few movies that really used the surround sound effects to good use but I found the extra rear channel really performed better if it set a little way behind you.

    He first had it so the sofa was pushed against the back wall and the rear placed high up and pointing down so he kind of had a 3 speakers in a line (rear left, rear centre and rear right) at back. It was OK but not an amazing improvement. When we moved the sofa and side speakers forward a metre, so now has 1 rear centre and a side left, side right the sounds seemed to envelope you much better.

    Thanks Jairaj sounds promising. My extension is effectively an open plan living room/dining room set up so i’ll be sat in the middle of the room perfectly in the middle between the front L&R speakers and the rear L&R speakers with the mid speakers level but high up so i’m hoping they’ll be good enough there to give the desired effect. My amp has that Audessy thing with the microphone, so hopefully that will be clever enough to compensate for speaker placement.

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