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  • Mike

    Am way out of touch with electronics and am looking for a blur ray, 5 speaker home cinema set up and am quite taken by this &mctag=gg_goog_7904&gclid=CKDm5P-NvaACFSJl4wod9AWYSA]Samsung HT-BD1250 and was wondering if anyone had one or any suggestions for a better alternative? Reviews online all seem fairly positive on balance

    Cheers, Mike

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    PS3 is only £100 more than a stand alone blue ray player and does much much more

    I'm looking at one of the Sony 5.1 AV recievers for arround £150 which also gets good reviews, and can be wired into my hi-fi, also has the advantage of being bale to get rid of 90% of the clutter behind the TV as everythign plugs into one big box, then just 1 HDMI to the TV.

    The only downside is no one (that I know of) makes bluetooth universal/all-in-one remotes for the PS3.

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    Logitech has adapter for Harmony series remotes: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/remotes/universal_remotes/devices/5732&cl=us,en
    Some online reviews are available, it's quite good but not 100% compatible with PS3.
    I don't like universal remotes and would get the official PS3 remote, it's available quite cheaply.


    Have a XBOX 360 – don't want/need a PS3 and just want to keep it simple i.e one box of tricks & remote!

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