Home cinema advice please

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  • Home cinema advice please
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    I’ve am acquiring a home cinema projector, getting it from a friend for a very cheap price.

    Having not for many years considered that buying a projector might be a viable purchase I’m completely out of touch with speaker systems etc. and don’t really know where to start.

    We don’t need audiophile sound levels, just something that will make dialogue in films intelligible and sound decent for sport etc. Surround sound is a bonus but not a requirement.

    So sound bar? Amp and speakers? Need a minimal outlay really so what is a good second hand buy? Will be connecting Sky hd box and ps3 for blurays.

    Also does anyone have any experience of projecting directly onto a wall? Girlfriend is not keen on a screen in the room, even a gold down tripod type, is the projector paint any good in people’s experience?


    Thinking of this here too. Places like Richer Sounds (other stores are available) do loads of home cinema deals on amp and speaker packages at most price points. Worth checking them out. Reckon I’ll probably go for this one.

    Had been looking at the Yamaha 2200 soundbar but think I’ll go amp and speakers.

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    I use a Onkyo Amp and Tannoy SFX5.1 5.1 speakers which seams a reasonable setup. Speakers are great although the amp is a wee bit temperamental switching sources sometimes but I’m not sure whether its the amp or projector that fails to recognise the switch.

    Any of the £350 deals here seams like a good place to start:


    Projecting onto a wall will be horrible unless you prepare the wall properly. I use a 120″ electric roll down screen (£120 ebay). Its not amazing quality but works well enough. Its white and fairly subtle when its rolled away and doubles up by covering the main curtain/window in the room to make sure the room is properly dark.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I can get screens at cost price from the place I work at, so I might work on getting that past her. The idea of covering the window with a roll down one means we could have the screen on the same wall as the TV, which might swing it.

    Even 350 is going to be out of the question for the next few months (recent periods of sickness mean our party packets are a bit light for a month or two) but we have got a pair of studio monitor speakers not being used at the moment, would connecting them to a receiver give a decent stop gap solution and the pick up some half decent 3.1/5.1 speakers down the line?

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    One way to get £10 off at Richer Sounds is to join their VIP lounge on their website.

    I know it’s not much but it helps a little bit.


    maybe a bit too much money but see if you can find a denon and monitor audio vector package deal.

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