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    I just had a go at making some. They taste OK, consistency is probably a bit on the soft side but they could probably have done with some more baking. Has anyone else got favorite “tried and tested” recipes?

    My effort was:

    – 200g Cherios
    – 100ml honey
    – 100ml syrup
    -50g fruit spread
    – 80g plain flour
    – 100g dried apricots / dates / currants
    – 1 nunn tablet (ginger and orange)
    – Dash of maltodextrin

    Simmered the fruit in some water, added syrup and honey and heated up. Mixed into dry ingredients (mashed up the cherios a bit) then baked for half an hour. Probably got 10 medium sized bars out of that. Just tried one with tea, was perfectly edible and it was no worse than some off the shelf efforts.


    apparently theres loads of videos on homemade protein bars etc on youtube. my mate just made about 40, cost him £8 😀


    whats fruit spread then?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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