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  • MrSmith

    sorry can’t help with your backpack.
    what’s the trail conditions like? been up north so not kept an eye on the weather down here (have zero mud room in the back and want to know if i need to fit a different tyre?)


    It was surprisingly good yesterday. Mostly splashy not muddy and it’s due to stay dry for a few days so the trails should be in good condition.

    The reservoir area at the top of BKB is pretty churned up by logging machines, though.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Probably worth calling Pedal and Spoke in Peaslake and Nirvana in Westcott – they may have had a hand in. Also try both pubs in Holmbury the Kings Head and erm – the other one!


    Which Green do you mean? If the triangle in the middle of the village then I’d imagine it would be in the Royal Oak? Have you checked?

    Failing that, just go back to where you left it – I’d say there’s a good chance it is still there.

    This is a long shot i know but, I left my back pack on the green on wed evening at around 8-8.30(I only figured it out this morning).Its a deuter protector.
    If anyone has fount it i’d be happy to reward them for the return of it.
    Fingers crossed

    Yep the green in the middle with the Royal Oak facing it.
    I’ve spoke to the pub once. no joy so far.


    Yea – I wouldn’t expect to get a lot of sense out of them! I take it you’re not able to just go and look? If I can manage it time-wise I’ll drive home that way and see if someone has propped it up somewhere visible.

    Wednesday is such a big night-ride event these days that it is perfectly feasible that someone has picked it up and will be find-able next Wednesday.

    Or you might have lost it. Did your Mum not sew your name into it?

    No, mum’s what they use to be!!
    T’way not my night, had to finish ride early as the bottom bracket on my bikes maiden voyage became all loose and wobbly.
    I’ve been back over to Holmbury. No sign of it.

    ment Mum’s arnt what they use to be.
    Started drowning my sorrows now!


    Call Surrey Police and ask for lost property. Stuff gets handed in to stations around the county so it’s worth a try.

    I’ve done that, got a ref no and everything. Cheers for the advise tho. All of ya.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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