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  • That sounds normal to me. They free up a tad with use. But not much.


    I recently fitted a new Hollowtech II BB and yes, the cranks did a couple of revolutions max and then stopped. Perhaps due to fresh grease in the bearings and the whole thing just being snug/new.

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    Thanks guys. I thought there might be something wrong. But sounds like it is normal.

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    I just installed a set of deore hollowtech cranks and BB.

    When installed, I find the crank arms don’t spin around really well (with chain off). The old octalink crankarms would spin forever when giving it light push. But the hollowtech arms seem to spin a couple of revolutions and then stop.

    I tried loosening the special cap slightly, to reduce the preload tension on the bearings. It didn’t make much difference.

    Are they supposed to be like this? I have looked through a heap of YouTube vids, but no one seems to give the crank arms a spin at the end of the install. Bugger.

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    I wouldn’t expect them to spin completely freely, just like I’d expect cheapo pedals to spin, but not ones with decent bearings.

    The preload tension does not have to be pinched up really tight. I just nip it up by hand, back it up half a turn then gently pinch it up again.

    I had the exact same thoughts the other month when I fitted mine. It’s fine 🙂

    Do the preload up finger tight. Pop the little plate down with atap of your mallet. Nip up the pinch bolts alternating between them to slowly increase tension. crank spin will loosen up with use.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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