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  • smurf

    Conversations have started at home about next years holiday and they are all focused on largish resorts with kids clubs, and all of them look like they will cost a small fortune.

    We do want something nice and memorable as it’s our 10th wedding anniversary, but we also need something that is suitable for our (by then) 3 year old and 6 year old girls.

    There is a decent budget…I’m just not convinced it would be best spent on a very expensive hotel / resort holiday.

    Dates are likely to be mid-July or mid-August 2014 and for 10 – 12 days.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for something more interesting? My wife doesn’t cycle.



    Having done family holidays for the past 18 years with children from about 3yrs upwards, we have found the big all inclusive resorts ideal for everyone. There is such freedom for the kids as they can do various activities, time outs for parents when the young ones are in the kids clubs, mini discos etc. We found it suited all of us, as we all had the time to do our own things, like beach Volleyball, sailing or just lie round the pool or on the beach and also had nice food and drink all prepared….so we could just relax.

    Have done 8 all incs in Turkey, DR and Mexico.


    Thanks for the views. Conversations will continue tonight!


    Think it depends on what you consider a good holiday and there are lots and lots of good holidays 😀

    Our kids are 4 and 7 and we just spent two weeks in the Dordogne with another family (their two kids are the same age as ours). We rented a farm house on top of a little hill in the middle of nowhere – well, a good drive to anywhere remotely ‘busy’. Big pool, excellent kitchen, lots of space, wonderfully quite (apart from wildlife) and absolutely no interference from anyone, it was superb. I took a PS3, lots of movies and my Sonos system. We spent the days letting the kids get on with it whilst the adults created awesome meals, drank good wine, stayed up late listening to tunes, enjoyed a beautiful view of the Milky Way every night and had those rambling conversations such times engender… Stepped out a few times to visit a market, evening meal etc but spent most of the time at the farm, just too perfect to be anywhere else frankly.

    Wouldn’t do it every year and must be two families minimum (only takes one adult to supervise kids) but every once in a while it’s nice to get away from it all. Only possible with young kids, teenagers would want more so worth considering as your kids are also young. The rental could sleep 14 and cost us £100 a night per family, can’t even get a plastic mobile home on a camp site for that!

    Sort of all inclusive…..

    Neilson Beachclubs. More sport and laughter than you can shake a stick at.

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