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  • wildrnes

    I am in the process of sorting a big family holiday and i need a little help
    firstly there will hopefully be quite a few people going as it is family and friends, ages will range from (father and father in law) who are 74 and 82 down to my daughter at 10 months ish

    I am hoping we can all book a chalet in an alpine resort those who want to cycle can
    those who cant, wont

    anyone have any ideas of resorts we should look at
    has to be really accesable for the oldies
    has to have uplift for the cyclists
    (and would rather have an event we could attend during (like the passporte or the mega)

    already been looking at chalets which will hold about 26 last year we were looking at £50 per head for a week in a 12 bed chalet

    thanks for the help folks


    Cant help im afraid but a few of us on here are doing passporte de soliel [never spell that right]

    Couldnt resist as I am seriously excited.


    (secretly wants to be there for that) 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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