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  • Curly68

    My ex has been round to collect my daughter tonight. She mentioned that if she paid for a holiday, could we all go as a family? She mentioned that we could go somewhere that I could go cycling with my son and daughter as well as go to a few places all together.
    Anybody have an idea where we could go? Thought maybe somewhere in Wales or Lake District. Somewhere with, dare I say it, trail centres that would have a cafe and other activities?

    Budget? If you can stretch overseas, Neilson Beach holidays are 100% of ace! Dry, dusty singletrack for you to play, and a beach full of shiny toys (Boats and boards) for everyone else. Throw in childcare, activities etc. and it's great.

    By the way, love the sound of

    we all go as a family

    , great for the kids!

    b r

    Pembrokeshire, lots of beaches plus Afan and the trailcentre I've been to but forget its name near Carmathen…

    That´ll be us then. Based on the sea-front, lots for the non-bikers of the family to do and some excellent singletrack riding.
    Check us out on
    Last week:
    2 weeks ago:

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    2nd Alan @ sierra.
    Sure he can do you a tourist guide better than me but I did a package hol with the SO and had a couple of days biking with him. There is a train all the way along the Costas so you can get about a bit. We visited Malaga this way. We also got the train to and from the airport saving a bit on transfers. RIP Globespan……………..

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    Well North Wales and Lakes both tick the boxes. North Wales has more trail centres and better access to the coast

    I love Pembrokeshire bit its to far from much off road cycling

    But I'll give you a pecific recomendation. Obviously one of millions of options but you've got to start some where.

    I'd do a week in Elter Water in the lake district.

    We've been every summer for about 15 years. Not close to the trail centres but not to far off either. Both Grizedale and Whinlatter have cafes and "go ape" as well. Its at the centre of lots of natural trails, its normal to see mountain bikers sat on the green having a mid ride break. There are loads of walks of all level of difficuilt nearby.

    The Britannia inn does great food. You can walk to Chapel style to shop.

    But the real ace is that if you pick the right cottage you'll get free country club membership for the Langdale estate. This means if it rains you can head off to the pool or gym. You can also head into amble side for a film

    Its close enough to coniston that last summer I cycled there, mainly off road for a half days sailing (everyone else went by car). Lots of other water sports there as well

    The only major down side is that the roads aren't ideal for cycling as a family. The road up and down the valley is a B road that just squeezes in 2 lanes. Its fine for an adult but not ideal for kids who are younger and wobblier.

    If tell me how manny you'll have in the party I'll try and recomend a cottage


    Amsterdam? 🙄


    Mmmmm, plenty to think about and some lovely parts of the country. Not sure what the budget is, as I'm not paying! Will ask her though. There will be my son (11), daughter (6) and then me and the ex. The kids don't mind sharing, so the accomodation doesn't have to be huge!


    Chatel in the Alps? Trips to beautiful Annecy with its lake beaches, park d'adventure just over the border (like go-ape) lovely walks and obviously great riding without the lung busting climbs with the chairlifts

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    The kids don't mind sharing, so the accomodation doesn't have to be huge!

    bit of an adventure?

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    If you need three rooms this works well. It even has a garage for bikes

    I think my son was 11 when he did the North Face Trail at Grizdale. For my family 6 was abit young for proper off road, but the access roads would be ok or possibly the blue route at Whinlater. The play ground at Grizdale is particularly good and it has a sculpture trail that my kids liked. Go ape is out for the younger child I think.

    Children of that age will enjoy playing in tyhe stream, walking to Grasmere rowing on the lake etc.

    If you want sea side and access to trail centres then the Gower Pennisula is good. Body boarding is another great family activity

    whatever you do have fun

    see this got family activities recommended in it to. Cracking.

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