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  • Mackem

    The duffers can amble along the coastal routes (great views, nice track, not very technical).
    The better ones can do all manner of techy/gnar type stuff.

    Hondarribbia and San Sebastian are great places to hang out, drink and eat. (beaches and surf if that’s your thing).

    Premier Icon MSP

    If you want to keep the cost down, then organised ride companies like basquemtb work out a lot more expensive than doing your own thing.

    We rented a chalet in les arcs for a week this year, 750 euros between 6 of us. Plenty of variety of riding for mixed groups, although the trail maps don’t reveal that much.


    Me and a few friends are thinking of organising an overseas biking week next summer.

    We are of mixed ability from one guy who will just about drag his ass puffing and panting round the red route at Llandegla and is not that technically adept, to one guy who would happily take on the tour du Mont Blanc and downhill courses across the uk.
    I am looking for ideas and preferably personal experiences of places or countries to visit that would provide riding for everyone.

    Ideally we would like to avoid the common riding hotspots in the alps etc due to costs and that some guys have been there before and we fancy trying something in Eastern Europe maybe??

    Any ideas??



    Sack your plan and hit Verbier with

    Amazing holidays in every respect, and really good at catering for different levels/interests, especially with the bike park at hand. Also, nothing like the more obvious and crowded Alpine hot-spots. Not as expensive as you might think, and guaranteed quality through and through.

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    Mainly gone to Slovenia and Scotland, with a handful of trail ideas found from internet or guidebooks. Usually only 3 of us, and often tour about or at least do 3 days in 2 locations, so the chalet idea isn’t so good there.
    Slovenia certainly worked out cheap. Maybe €50/night for a room.
    Bulgaria on the list for next year.
    Finding the mix of terrain might be an issue. My view is it’s not all about gnar, and not all about vertical height gain/loss, but getting out for a ride. Had some pretty fun valley rides in Scotland this yr, rather than peak/col bagging.


    Not very exotic, but have you thought about Northern Ireland? The County Down area has plenty to offer riders of all abilities, from new trail centres to epic, natural, mountainous stuff and DH trails your mate would lap up. Rostrevor, Bigwood, Castlewellan and Tollymore are all within spitting distance and i’ll guarantee you’ll not get bored. Can’t guarantee sunshine though 😀

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Malaga is a leftfield suggestion.

    Although with a biking holiday provider is exceptional value, consider the Sierra Nevada, Spain, high level trip,
    refers, you won´t regret it!

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