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  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    So sorry to read your post. Please be strong.

    My very best wishes to you and your loved ones marsdenman. My mum is going through similar to you and although it is a horrible thing for everyone involved we are overwhelmed and comforted by the sheer volume of good news stories that we now come across everyday. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Glad to see you’ve posted this up mate, I knew you’d get lots of lovely replies from your friends on here. πŸ™‚

    Good luck with round four. When you get back you know where I am, just yell, any time.


    I can’t add anything that hasnt already been said, but keep strong and kick its ass.

    Don’t let the chemo get you down. It’s a hard slog but you’ll pull through it, and you’ll be out on the hills again on 2 wheels.

    All the best.

    Premier Icon sefton

    Jesus…been thinking about this post a lot.

    all the best mate.

    keep positive…my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back…had part of her breast removed and went through all the chemo etc….shes been absolutely fine (touch wood) since.

    with today’s medicine its not the killer it once was!



    Stay strong and fight like fook. All the best

    everything everyone has said x a million

    Premier Icon kimbers

    dunno what to say, would you accept a virtual manhug?

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    As someone who has had cancer twice I wish you all the best. I hope it helps to know that people do get through this I’m sat in the Hospitial for my 5 year sign off for skin cancer and my testicar cancer was signed off 10 years ago.

    Be strong, cry when you need to and set yourself the goal of getting back on your bike.

    Good luck and best wishes.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    A friend of mine has organised a fund raising event for Lung Caner, her mum has it. In her case it is as a result of being a life long smoker. I hadn’t donated as I was being a bit of a dick and had it down as being a ‘self inflicted’ illness.

    Off to Justgiving now with tail between my legs…. 😳

    All the best.

    mr plow

    My Friend’s mother is at the same sort of stage as you. She was given a negative prognosis, was dis-heartened and lost a lot of fight. This has heavily impacted her as she has just completed chemo but has had massive muscle atrophy(sp) due to not pushing herself to eat and having large problems with her nerve control so not able to exercise.

    She has now had good results from her latest scan and is now going for radiotherapy. The problem is that she has lost so much control and mobility that everything is very hard and she needs constant care, wheelchair etc. She is now getting the fight back.

    Please please do not lose the fighting spirit; not for the reasons of putting a brave face on and performing for others but to give yourself the greatest chance of successfully fighting cancer and being in the best position possible at all times. You will benefit from all the fight you can throw at it, of this I promise to a stranger.

    Another story for you, I am sure you have heard millions. My aunt was on holiday and collapsed with a brain tumour. She was stabilised and sent home for urgent surgery. Over the time of a year her hair covered most of the massive operation scars and she got back into life. Then one year later she is at the dentist and they ask that she urgently goes her GP. Turned out she had very serious throat cancer. My aunt simply dealt with this as we all fell apart. She got herself to all appointments and kept herself eating as best she could.

    She has now had a number of very large surgeries and radiotherapy (can’t remember if she had Chemo). She has trained herself to speak with what is left of her voice box and speaks well. She has no teeth and serious issues with her jaw as so much bone etc had to be removed. She can only take food blended and relies a lot on protein and energy shakes.

    Yet still, there she was at the xmas meal smiling and enjoying the day, same as when we meet up. She has the all clear for cancer but many lingering issues. Somehow she doesnt complain to us, she is probably the only one that has a great understanding of life and she is my hero. I believe to this day that her pro-active attitude and inner fight was a major part of her recovery.

    Fight it. Try to express your love to people and don’t beat yourself up should you lash out as you are no doubt on a rollercoaster. They will understand so don’t wallow in the dips. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start throwing more punches everytime.

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    best wishes to you – stay strong!

    Premier Icon Speeder

    My thoughts are with you and your family Chris. Stay strong and keep fighting. Best of luck to you.

    Premier Icon annebr

    All the best


    this is very sad.. all the best mate

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    Hoping you beat the Bastard.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    Good luck and all the best.

    Wishing you and your family all the best Chris. Good luck in your fight. I hope you kick its frickin’ arse!

    toby mc

    OOOffffff…. What rotten luck. Sounds like age and fitness are on your side though.
    I know several people who’ve had Cancer of various types – they’re all still with us and getting on with their lives.
    I wish the same to be true for you and yours.

    Just gonna reiterate all that the massive has already said Chris. (Ex chemo-giving nurse here who’s seen your situation more than I’d care to relate.)

    You have a great chance of beating this.

    You must stay as strong as you can, so draw strength where you can, and from whom you can.

    But being strong means sometimes you need to crack up a bit. This is fine. Release it when needed.

    And remember you have many, many friends here who’re beaming you good vibes!


    Premier Icon cr500dom

    I`ve never met you Chris, but as others have said, you are a part of this community and so it hurts the same as finding out anyone I know has been diagnosed with Cancer.
    I lost my father to Primary Liver cancer in October and said farewell to a dear friend a couple of weeks ago, who battled hard against breast cancer for 3 years and never stopped smiling !

    One of my best mates had a really aggressive B-cell lymphoma (Cell count doubled every 8 hours) and went downhill really rapidly, he was 35 at the time and in his own words “there was no way that fooker was ‘avin me” his attitude to the medical staff was: give me everything you`ve got, hit it as hard as you can and I WILL find a way of dealing with it……

    That Fight and attitude saved his life, of that I (And he) have no doubt….
    His Wife was told at best he had a 20% chance of survival as it was so aggressive and had spread to most of his bone marrow, with secondary to Lymph Nodes and Liver…

    He`s over 2 years clear now.
    Fight it with everything you have got, do not give in to it at all, my father did not fight and was just resigned in a “What will be will be” attitude, which was heartbreaking.
    Stay strong, keep in touch even if only to vent, there will always be support here when you need it.
    Hope to meet you in person on a ride soon
    All the best to you and your family


    Gutted for you.
    BUT good luck in kicking the bastards head in! Some awe-inspiring stories up here too… (sniff….)



    Yeah…good luck. Keep fighting and kick the evil so and so into touch!

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Best wishes to you


    Chris, you were due to shoot my wedding this year in September (4th).

    You can beat this bastard, we’re built of strong stuff up here!!

    Stay strong mate show it who’s boss.


    I can’t add anything to what’s already been said – but if nothing else, I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that a large number of mountain bikers who normally argue about everything are united in keeping you in their thoughts.

    Best wishes to you & your family.


    Nothing other than my best wishes to add . A friends husband was in hospital just before xmas in a comma the Dr told her his odds were 1000/1 in the wrong direction. He is now sitting up and on a very unsteady road to recovery . The Dr has now mentioned that at the time he thought he was over optimistic with his odds.

    Premier Icon chipps

    Fingers crossed for you, fella. As wwaswas said “…when it’s someone on stw it somehow becomes personal”
    Massive good vibes heading your way from us lot…


    Not sure what to say except fight on bud. Hope you pull through this and come out the other side ok. My thoughts are with you and your family.


    Keep fighting dude

    Premier Icon keefmac

    all the best matey, keep positive and dont give up

    Premier Icon Fantombiker

    Keep positive. There have been massive advances in cancer therapy in recent years. The NHS can ‘do’ cancer very well. My Dad 80 yrs old survived it with Chemo…

    All the best bud

    Good luck and stay positive, kick cancers arse then take it outside and kick it again

    Been clear for 7years havin kicked skin cancers arse 😈

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Keep positive. Keep fighting. Kind of obvious things to say I guess but they are still true.

    You’ve got zillions of folk on here with you all the way.


    Best wishes. There’s not much more I can say except I hope you beat it.

    Premier Icon bobmac892

    The very best of thoughts, vibes, good wishes be with you.

    Sh!t, ****, D@MN it I hate Cancer… Give it one from me!!!


    What wwaswas said, which also captures my view nicely – all the best mate.


    Mate of mine, 55, looks way older, didn’t take care of himself, smoked and drunk like a fish and diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer last year.

    He got the all clear last month..

    If he can beat it then the odds are in your favour. Good luck fella, kick its arse….


    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Fingers crossed for you OP, keep fighting the bastard.
    All the best to you and your family.

    Premier Icon TrevorB

    Very sorry to read your news, keep strong and good luck



    Can only echo the above. Stay strong and fight that bugger.


    Hi! and erm… WOW!
    Thank-you just does not begin to cover it (and being stuck for words, with tears in ones eyes does not help!)
    A-Ha! Just plucked out a word – humbled, truly humbled just about begins to cover it.
    As many have said, STW comes into it’s own at times like this, your comments, words of support (on here and via text and e-mail!), stories of beating cancer really, really help. A confession – despite (i’m told) outward appearances, i’m not a natural when it comes to positivity, something I had just started working on (counselling) before this all hit. So, saying your words help takes on a stronger meaning for me… Counselling is still in progress thought the remit is a touch broader than it was! Talking about your own mortality, anyone? Not too sure Freud flagged that one in his musings!

    I’ll be sure to check the links and book suggestions and there are many comments I would like to pick up on but, forgive me, got to stop for now – it’s teatime and my shoulder is killing me – to add insult to injury, i’ve a slipped disk in my neck. Whilst the discomfort caused by Tommy the Primary Tumour* and his friends is mostly controlled by the 20+ tablets I take each day there seems to be little they can do for the disk pain so it alone spends a lot of time getting, literally, on my nerves…

    *said i’d stop but I feel there may be the odd sideways look at my naming my tumour!
    he got his name early in this whole saga, came out of the blue. It’s not there to avoid the word ‘cancer’ far from it – it’s based on the mafia saying ‘keep your friends close, your enemies even closer’. Tommy is really my personal reference, one thing I can assure you I do not avoid is the word ‘cancer’ – not at all.

    More updates, and random musings, will follow.

    Yours, truly humbled.
    Mr (&Mrs) MM.

    Premier Icon hardupdad

    My uncle wrote this through his chemo good luck and beat it and remain positive


    It’s odd, people who I’ve never met receive this diagnosis every day and I know nothing about it and whilst I feel sorry for them in general terms it’s not really an emotional response.

    But when it’s someone on stw it somehow becomes personal – I feel for them and and what they’re facing and how their family must be feeling.

    Maybe because it feels like it’s someone from my community, regardless of whether I know them or not, we all share something on here and that makes everyone my friend when the chips are down.

    Anyway, I can’t really offer anything but thoughts for you and your family and the hope that you make a full recovery.

    i think the above echoes my exact sentiments…
    stay strong and get well soon!!


    Just a little update…
    Firstly, thanks again for further messages and e-mails, they really do mean a lot.
    So, the last of the 4 batches of chemo finished this last Friday.
    I’m a lucky guy – side effects, compared to many, are few, very happy to say I’m not suffering the sickness. The main things impacting me are appetite – food stuffs taste random / awful – the more bland the better at the moment. That said, fortunately, latte’s and bacon butties taste fine πŸ™‚ Tiredness is the other – anything up to 16 hrs a day asleep is very strange indeed, well, it is for me.
    Best news out of the hospital visits is the Long Wait we had we had been preparing for will not be that long at all – I’m in for a CT scan this Thursday. Back to see the specialists on Feb 11th. From that we should understand what impact this chemo has had and what the options are going forward. Fingers crossed etc. etc.

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