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  • Holds breath and types….. so, I've got cancer…
  • dazzlingboy

    As per others – chin up and best of luck.


    I read this thread a few times. I really don’t know what to say, but I hope to god that you beat this.

    Thinking of you and yours.

    Premier Icon Taz

    Thoughts are with you mate.

    Fight it as hard as you can.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    All the best fella.

    Mary Hinge

    All the best mate. Keep positive.

    instant hit

    Keep your spirits up, all the best, thinking off you.


    Kick its **** head in!!


    Stay positive, as you seem to be. All the best & write on here when you need/want to.


    Positive thoughts heading your way fella.


    Good luck and a dubious welcome to the club no one wants to be in. It sounds like you’re in the best position to face something like this, you’re fit but most of all your wife loves you. You’ll hear all sorts of advice and stories, love yours for you as there is no one exactly like you.
    Trust the doctors, love your wife and be honest.


    Very sorry to hear, But stay positive and hope you learn that you kicked it.
    All the best

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    There is nothing I can do or say that can possibly make any practical difference, but I really hope you fight this and win.

    I (we) are getting to an age when things like this are no longer happening to strangers, and it’s a right bugger.

    Hang on in there, stay strong, and take whatever support you can wherever it can come from

    Premier Icon Yak

    Stay positive, fight it and all the best.

    Premier Icon Squirrel

    Don’t know you buddy but like wwaswas said you’re part of this community so you matter to me. Just get well soon. Don’t let me down now!!!

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Although we’ve never met I always enjoy your posts and my best mate lives in Marsden so I’m often in the area.

    Good luck, keep positive and keep posting on here.


    Good luck Chris.


    You’re in great hands, they are amazing people who will do everything they can for you. Wishing you the very best of luck and a positive outcome.


    Stay strong…get back out on that bike soon 😀


    Wishing you all the best. I know a couple of folk who’ve come out the other side of cancer, and are back riding their bikes better than ever. 🙂

    Omar Little

    all the best

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Best wishes from here too, MMan/Chris – here’s to a healthy 2015 !


    Hello there old friend,

    Once upon a time, a foolhardy Northerner and his delightful wife managed to make a man with a hybrid heart and high on drugs look beautiful and handsome on his wedding day, despite not being paid in monetary terms, and without either having ever met before. The man with the hybrid heart never forgot the selflessness of the act; an act that would significantly contribute to a change in the way he acted towards others. He also told the Northerner that he would be indebted to him, and would repay the kindness in full, at a time of the Northerners choosing…

    I am at your service, and will do all I can to help you win your battle.

    Just call.

    Bullheart x

    Premier Icon nickb

    Very best wishes. Hundreds of people beat cancer every day – stay positive and make sure you’re one of them!

    My MIL was diagnosed with lung cancer about 18 months ago. She’s now all-clear and doing amazingly well.

    I don’t know where you are, but if you’re in or near London anytime (e.g. If needed for treatment or anything), don’t hesitate to drop me a line for dinner and a beer…

    Best wishes – fight hard and beat it!



    Best of luck Mate.

    Premier Icon trailhound

    Such awful news for you and your family MM but take heart from what everyone here has said and I echo, stay strong with a positive attitude mate and with your loved ones you CAN beat it! Wishing you the very best mate.

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Very best wishes Chris. Fight strong.


    Chris really sorry to hear that. from what I can give as some advice my partner was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she had surgery to remove the lump and has since been going through chemotherapy. It’s tough for me and I can’t begin to imagine what she and you are going through.

    We are fortunate to have had excellent care and fingers crossed the outcome will be a positive one. My partner is determined to beat it, after all she wants to be around for our 16 math old lad.

    Take care, hope and determination will help you beat this as well as help and support from wherever you seek it.


    best of luck to you and your family and friends


    shit news dude.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Didn’t want to read this, as I didn’t with Bullheart’s when he posted it, but like a moth to a flame!

    It’s crazy how much emotion is stirred up, even amongst total strangers, when the Big C is mentioned. When people talk about it in open conversation, I have to blank it out otherwise it just gets me going. But then with a post on the internet, you’ve got no choice but to take in the details…

    Cue the waterworks! 😥

    Can’t begin to understand how you’re feeling right now, especially so far into the Chemo, but as someone who’s been there, helping loved ones whilst they suffer with the disease, you have my utmost sympathy and respect!

    Good luck. I wish you all the luck in the world. Stay strong, be positive despite how you might be feeling. A Positive mental attitude makes more different to recovering from terminal illnesses than any doctor would ever let you believe!


    Chris, just wanted to add my voice to the many others that wish you all the best in fighting this. Your doctors, loved ones and friends will help you overcome this illness and for those of us on STW that haven’t met you, well just let us know if there’s anything we can do.

    Premier Icon paulmgreen

    All the best buddy. Keep fighting . Keep strong .

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    All the best in your recovery.. stay strong


    Be strong.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Best wishes for a successful recovery.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Morning Chris, ’tis good to hear from you again. I haven’t been out with the Marsden lot for ages, so I’ve not had the chance to speak to those a little closer to you for a while now. I can’t add anything to what has been posted before, so keep fighting it mate. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of support and offers of help on here, please make use of them.
    It’s just dawned on me that the you organised the first ever STW ride I went on! So I look forward to another!
    Best wishes from me and Hazel.

    Premier Icon p7rich

    All the best. Good luck with your fight.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Best of luck… be strong !

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Good luck mate, stay positive, keep fighting. Bruce.



    I once came over to Marsden with some others (nbt and Bunnyhop + many more) for a Pennine Pootle; you were there and helped lead us round. After a lovely wet ride we ended up back at your house where your lovely wife (sorry I forget her name …I’m bad with names) had made food or us to eat. We all sat down at your table and you shared your food, warmth and hospitality, alongside some great laughs …I seem to remember nbt was on good form 😉 It was the nicest post ride nosh ever and lingers in my memory.

    Anyway, you’re a good man and you can beat anything with a positive outlook and our wonderful NHS.

    When you’re feeling stronger, and we have a dry spell!, let’s do that ride again!

    Best of luck.


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