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  • marsdenman

    not the easiest post i’ll ever make. It’s been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while…

    Posted mainly because there are a few of you out here in The Real World who now me and know about the diagnosis and it occurred to me that there’s a chance you’ll be bumping into others who I know but do not know about my illness. Hopefully this is not too late to avoid those ‘hi, how are you? Marsdenman not with you?’ kind of conversations.

    Touch more detail…
    Its lung cancer, not bad going for a 45 year old lifelong non-smoker. Seems about 1 in 10 diagnosed with lung cancer are non-smokers. I’m told that, so far as it can be, my age and relative fitness and previous good health are all a Good Thing – i barely register on their statistics as LC sufferers are typically older, smokers and generally in not so good health.
    After a really shoddy summer in 2013 – I was ill from around June – cough, turned manflu, manflu only got worse, and worse = sleepless nights = rip to see the nurse = she confirmed manflu. A week or so later it was getting worse, nurse still says manflu. It gets wore. I visit GP, GP advises chest infection = antibiotics for a week. A week later, no improvement. Visit GP, again. Another week of, different, antibiotics. Week passes, no improvement. I see a different GP. He gives me another type of antibiotic but, crucially, sends me for a chest x-ray. I’m pretty sure neither he not I expected anything but confirmation of what we now know was pneumonia.
    Friday 20th Sept I go for the x-ray, around 10am.
    You know something might not be right when the radiographer calls all the students in to look at my x-ray (whist i’m still in the room…) and then advises me to be in touch with my GP asap…
    You really know something is not right when the GP rings you at 3.30 that same afternoon, offering a 5.30 appt – lets be honest, one instinctively knows he’s not offering tea and cake…
    Call to MrsMM, she heads home from work so we can attend GP together.
    5.30’ish the roof over our lives develops a big leak as we’re advised a shadow has been found, roughly 6 x 7cm and, whilst ‘it’s not likely to be cancerous’, i’m on what they call the cancer pathway = passed into and through the system asap for earliest possible diagnosis.
    The team at Huddersfield Royal have been amazing, actually, for the record, the vast majority of NHS staff we have met, from cleaners all the way up to consultants have been nothing short of amazing.
    After 6 tests came back clear, the team at Hudds were still 100% sure that the test results – v – what they saw on the CT scan did not add up. Off they sent me, to St James’s in Leeds, for investigations under general anaesthetic…
    5th November came the results and the news that, by now was not unexpected, was delivered…
    BOOM! the roof pretty much fell in…
    Since then it’s been a case of (trying to) come to terms with it all including advising family etc..
    This Weds I start my 4th and for now, final session of chemo. Luckily i’ve not suffered from too many major side effects.
    The fatigue has not been great, i’m on and off food, 70% of my hair has gone – i’m now sporting a Fuzzy Felt No2 Cut!
    After that, it’s The Big Wait for the chemo to take effect and then a scan which will tell us if the tumour (and various other bits they have found) are on the retreat or not…
    If you got this far, thanks for reading – i think it’s fair to say I just got a little bit of the load off my mind!


    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    Shit Chris.

    Thats awful fella..

    Thoughts are with you my friend.. And god knows, I’ve no idea what to say in these kinda scenarios… 😳

    Premier Icon woody2000

    All the best to you and yours mate – kick it’s f***ing arse. Hard 👿

    Premier Icon st colin

    Hi Chris, not sure what to say other than I really hope you pull through.

    Best of wishes buddy.


    Aw shit man….. can’t say anything, puts my moaning about my heart into perspective…. 🙁

    I’ve had two friends who have gone through the Big C thing and all I can say is “Think positive, don’t give up and fight the bastard all the way” one did and he’s still with us ten years later the other just sort of gave up and well…

    Your attitude works wonders.


    Wow… Good luck and I really hope things work out for you and your family.

    If you need to talk/vent about it, there’s plenty of us here to listen.

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    Chris – I wish you all the best



    Best wishes mate.


    Well done for posting.

    You’ll get loads of support on here – we will all wish you well.

    Don’t let this thing beat you!

    Wishing you and your loved ones the best.

    never met you, but what they ^^ said +1
    all the best

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    Its lung cancer, not bad going for a 45 year old lifelong non-smoker.

    Thats the opposite me, that is. Which makes me think.

    Really bad news though fella. So sorry to hear that. But stay positive. A good friend of mine had the same diagnosis as you (very young), and went through the chemo etc. It was successful and a few weeks ago we went out for a few beers to celebrate him being clear for 15 years

    Thats you, that is! 😉

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Chin up matey. some positive vibes heading your way.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    It’s odd, people who I’ve never met receive this diagnosis every day and I know nothing about it and whilst I feel sorry for them in general terms it’s not really an emotional response.

    But when it’s someone on stw it somehow becomes personal – I feel for them and and what they’re facing and how their family must be feeling.

    Maybe because it feels like it’s someone from my community, regardless of whether I know them or not, we all share something on here and that makes everyone my friend when the chips are down.

    Anyway, I can’t really offer anything but thoughts for you and your family and the hope that you make a full recovery.


    Really hope you can beat it, as you said your age and general health is on your side. Best of luck!


    wwaswas +1


    I don’t know you, and have no way of knowing what you and your family are going through, but I wish you all the very best, and all the strength you need to fight this off and get back to where you were.

    “Think positive, don’t give up and fight the bastard all the way”

    Hear, hear!

    Best of luck. Having been through this with my father, it’s quite an experience, but people will be there with you every single step you take. They’ll support you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and they’ll help you to fight it. So, go on. Fight it.

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    Don’t really know what to say except the very best of luck to you

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Jeez, awful times. Still you made it this far, keep on keeping on and good luck in kicking it into touch. Best wishes.


    Really sorry to hear that – shitty piece of luck. Best of luck with your treatment etc.

    Very well-written post BTW – not sure I’d have the composure!

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Wow that’s tough (coming from another 45yr old – I know that you don’t expect that sort of news). Hopefully it’s early stage and the surgery + chemo absolutely sorts you out.


    A mate of mine was diagnosed a few years back (jan2012) , 2lb tumour removed from abdomen, chances were rated as slim.
    In june 2012 I watched him struggle to carry the Olympic torch through our small town….last week i cycled 100 miles with him!
    Never look back you can and will beat it… best wishes fella.


    I can’t really say much more than has already been said, good luck and best wishes.


    All the best – stay positive.


    Premier Icon cardo

    Fingers crossed for you fella…. hope it all comes good.


    I’m sat next to a lady at work who was diagnosed with Skin and Breast Cancer, it was quite advanced, so it wasn’t thought that she would grow much older. She has fought it off, and been in remission for the last few years. She has stayed positive and didn’t give in. I’m sure you’ll do the same.


    Terrible news but keep your head up and stay positive for yourself and the family! You can beat it.

    Same thing is happening to some one in my immediate family.


    Don’t know you and never met you but shit mate. Everything wwaswas said.

    I am sure there are loads of professionals supporting you as well as freinds and family. Good luck mate the Pingu’s will keep everything crossed.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    All the best Chris. Positive Mental Attitude seems to be the way to approach it. Will keep an eye out for your first charity ride towards the end of the year or early next.


    I don’t know you Chris but **** me mate my heart goes out to you and your family !!

    Premier Icon Nick

    Good luck fella, looking forward to reading about when you don’t have cancer 🙂


    Wish you all the best, knock it for six.


    Best Wishes from t’other side of the A640.
    Hopefully we can compare yellow Cove HJs when you’re up for a local XC pootle


    +1 to all the above….



    There’s damn all that I can say other than keep your chin up and good luck. Don’t give up.

    Tango Man

    Similar to a mate of mine, Lung cancer, never ever smoked, same symptoms as you Chris, he had 1/3 of a lung removed, had the treatment,and he fought it and is still playing ice hockey and in great health, kick it hard as it’s been said above and healing vibes.

    PS, I don’t recommend owning it with Bombers though


    Shit, that’s crap. I did wonder why you;d gone quiet 🙁

    I didn’t read Bullheart’s thread cause 1) I didn;t know him and 2) I knew it’d **** with my heartstrings (I know Jane ended up in tears several times after catch-up reading sessions on that thread) but I shall follow your updates. As above, it’s not the end, god know Bullheart shows that a terminal prognosis can be beaten, and I know that you have the fortitude to stand up and fight – and if you don’t Mrs MM will make you.

    You have you contact details. If you ever need a break, a walk, a ride, a cup of tea and some cake, a few beers, whatever, just say and we’ll work it out.

    all the best

    It is an awful diagnosis to receive and I’m afraid I can’t offer any great words of wisdom other than to wish you the very best of luck. Although when you first get the news it hits you like a truck, but more people than you can possibly imagine get through it every year.

    Listen to everyone involved in your treatment, there is a massive amount of help available and even if your normally the independent sort there’s no shame in leaning on folk a bit when you need to. Whether its clinical staff, friends, family or internet randoms, the vast majority of people are brilliant.

    Best of luck and keep posting.


    All the best pal, genuinely hope everything works out.


    Hi Chris sorry to hear the crap news been through something similar after finding a shadow on my lung and the pathways business scary shit.Talking helped with all my closest buddies and they kept my chin up and they bought me loads of beers 🙂 Being fit and positive will get you through all the best!


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