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  • Milkie

    What about the Eclipse Inner Tubes? Halfway house between Tubeless and Tubes.

    It’s too early for me to report back on how they perform, except obviously lighter than tubes.. Fitted them last week on Hans Dampf’s.


    90 quid for 2 tubes???


    Forgot to mention, the Xr4 team issue tubeless ready has reinforced sidewalls. That said having never knowingly run anything other single ply carcass I don’t know how near a 2x ply it is.


    issues with burping

    What rim width and pressures are you running?

    Having set up my XC (well.. do every trail in Squamish bike) on 20mm inner width Tricon 1550, no rim tape with 2.4 Mountain King II front and 2.4 X-King at 22+psi.. i determined that insufficient pressure and too narrow a rim for a tyre of that volume was never going to work.
    Interestingly (to me) the Mountain King II 2.4 RTR on EX1750’s with DT’s rim tape at 20psi are faultless.. so.. rim with and volume being taken up by tape inside the rim is key.

    I’ve reset my front at 28pi (still no tape) and no burps so far.. but pushed harder I fully expect to leverage the bead away from the rim at some point!
    Rear had a tube in for yesterdays loonie race in Squamish.. but pinch flatted so damned if I do, damned if I dont 🙁

    So… interesting article here…
    Pinkbike wider rims for ust.

    Hans Dampf front, Nobby nic rear and just phenom in the dry highland wilderness at the mo… Great combo..

    Premier Icon igm

    If you can find a tread compound and pattern you like Bonty TLRs are pretty good tubeless.


    Maxxis for sure: Minion front, Larsen rear, I’ll let you have a roll next time

    Big fan of that combo Minion ST & Larson 60a Both single ply, folding and 2.35


    I also feel like there is a lack of choice of good tubeless tyres.

    I had a lot of success with the WTB Bronsons.

    Currently on Specalized Butchers and also liking those.

    Always liked Maxis tyres but found the LUST to be dead horrible feeling. Never had much success with Contis or Schwables.

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    traildog – Member
    Always liked Maxis tyres but found the LUST to be dead horrible feeling

    Nice thing is many regular Maxxis seem to go up tubeless anyway. Tubeless ready in all but name. Though some manage to blow them off the rims anyway. Issue with the rims, style of riding, (rider weight 😀 ) ?


    Following all the suggestions with interest on this.

    Jedi – saw you on Wednesday and you mentioned the RQ’s deforming – went to Chicksands the next day and lo and behold I have the front one deform on a small drop and now have badly bruised ribs!! Twisted it into an s-shape for quarter of it’s circumference! I’m blaming you for teaching me how to carry so much more speed through the corners 😉

    A little worried with my Alps trip only a few weeks away, don’t want to agitate the ribs by hitting the deck again before or out there 😯

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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