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  • Hive mind a MINI PC for TV
  • 5plusn8

    I want a little box I can install Linux on to run media from my NAS and the internet iplayer, yootoob etc.
    In another room I already have a ZOTAC Nano, but its about 5 years old, works fine. I would buy another but they don’t seem so prevalent these days.
    I could ask on an AV forum but we all know that STWers are smarter than the average bear. Hence what have you mtb/gravel/roadie/bmx/velodromers got or recommend?


    Rasp Pi with Kodi on it? Works really well here


    Cheers, whats Kodi? Can it run Linux mint? Does it have the poke to run HD movies across a network?

    KODI is a media centre – personally, I use OSMC which is essentially KODI plus a few extra bits, very good.  Free to use.  Raspberry Pis are great and very cheap!

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    Roku or Amazon fire stick should both be able to play from your NAS. Or Rpi.

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    I run an Intel NUC with a Celeron CPU running Plex Media Server. It came complete with Win10 installed. Fairly cheap and very simple to set up.


    Not really a mini PC but if it’s for streaming stuff to a TV then it’s plug and play, supports every format known to man, is tiny and uses next to no power.

    It’s the recommended plug and play box over at the Kodi forums for folks that just want to plug something in and have it work and it runs OSMC.

    Pick the right Kodi box.


    You can ‘hack’ an amazon firestick fairy easily following an online guide, then install kodi or whatever onto it. Then kodi is just listed as an extra app on the firestick, so if you have amazon prime that might be a good option.

    One annoyance with kodi is if you want to watch pirate stuff, like new movies etc, it’s a bit of a faf as you keep having to update it and mess around as streams stop working.

    It’s fine for legit stuff though, loads of documentary channels, Ted talks and all that sort of thing.


    We have a ChromeBox for this.

    I was a bit of a pain to remove ChromeOS but totally doable, and runs Ubuntu just fine.  We just use a web browser as the UI for iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, etc.


    Libreelec works well for me. Seems mad that people still steal stuff when it’s nearly always available from Amazon/Netflix, or to rent from loads of providers.


    Nvidia Shield does all that with ease. Plus 4k plus HDR + Games

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