Hit by a car

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  • Hit by a car
  • pingu66

    Well more I hit the car as they pulled out on me.

    Riding through Prescot town centre coming up to a set of lights about 75-100m away car stationary in a road on the left decides to pull out. I slammed the brakes on skidded right then left, no idea how I managed to stay on as I was going over a yellow box hatching so was like on an ice rink. Hit the car relatively slowly sideways fell onto windscreen then rolled over bonnet onto the road.

    **** wouldn’t even get out the car so I could get the details then drove off, probably because I went mental at this point. I only went mental because they wouldn’t get out.

    Sore arm and thigh.

    And no by the time I got home I forgot the reg but if you see a blue Astra in Prescot with a dent in the door and a large arse print on the bonnet that’ll probably be the one.

    Bikes fine, thanks for asking!!

    But mental day as there were about 12 of us originally the above happened when I was riding home alone. We were all riding down a reasonably busy A road going straight on, single carriageway, and some doughnut screams up beeping their horn with their left indicator on, thinking we were all going to stop going straight on. It did’t happen but I think there may have been a few hand signals not found in the highway code!

    The mind trully boggles, their are some right f***wits behind the wheels of cars.

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    I had a similar near miss this morning coming through Hale. A middle aged woman in a silver 206 at the near side junction was watching the stream of traffic that I was moving with. Despite my high viz top decided she would look straight through me and just inch forward into the carriage as I was about 15 feet from the junction causing me to swerve and swear loudly at her. A few hundred yards down the road was a set of lights and she pulls alongside me and accused me of travelling too fast and I should have slowed to allow her to pull out. That was a first. I may have sworn again.

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    Glad you’re okay pingu. There’s some unbelievable ****wits out there.

    harry too


    Usual Questions:

    Have you reported
    Was the area covered by CCTV

    Obviously failue to stop at the scene of an accident / hit and run will be frowned upon by our boys in blue.


    This happened to me in the winter past.

    I found they get out pretty quick if you land infront of their car and dont get up – even if just to get you out the road.


    Prescot you say? Lucky your bike wasn’t pinched whilst you were on the floor

    Glad you’re ok


    @SiB Prescot is posh compared to where I used to live, Norris Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @harry too no because all I can remember is it was a blue Astra, I can’t recall the reg although I tried to commit it to memory as I picked my bike up and sorted myself out. Obviously my memory is not what I thought it was.

    Just bloody sore now I am home and the adrenaline has wore off, I will fix that with a few beers later though, looks like Mrs Pingu will be driving 😀


    Was driving into town this morning and there must have been an event on – wide variety of people out on the road. 50mph limit. **** behind thinks that if he parks his motor in my boot that I’ll be prepared to overtake a long line of bikes into oncoming traffic. Some of whom were overtaking other bikes. No way, Jose 🙂 took great pleasure in overtaking all of them very safely and cautiously 🙂 still managed to get past 15-20 bikes in a few minutes, so barely delayed at all. WTF is wrong with some people.


    They would have had your shoes off you in Norris Green too!

    You’ll have fun trying to get out of bed tomorrow morning, no references to stiffness, good luck!

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