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  • Hip pack, recomendations please
  • Premier Icon carlos
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    After a tumble a couple of weeks back, its now apparent that my multifragmentary clavicle fracture isn’t going to be supporting a back pack shoulder strap any time soon, although I hope to be back out in the next 4-5 weeks.

    Looking at hip packs with a bladder as an interim measure, so what do you fine folk suggest?? Evo Pro pack with bladder, Camelback Repack with bladder, Osprey Seral 7??


    Premier Icon hatter
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    One of the guys at my LBS just got Thule Rail 4 which looks good, haven’t tried it myself though.

    Premier Icon clubby
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    Newer version of Repack been working well for me. 1l of water and room for mini tool, pump, spare tube, phone and snacks.
    Tight fit if you’re bigger built though. I’m 36” waist and straps are right out. Also, need to tighten as water used as it gets loose.

    Premier Icon tuboflard
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    Just had a Patagonia one arrive today.

    Maiden ride with it tonight but I like what I see so far.

    Premier Icon leegee
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    Had a Dakine Hot Laps 5L for 2 years and its been great.

    Premier Icon james-rennie
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    I’ve got a Mountain Warehouse Traverse Waist Bag – pocket friendly £17 right now.
    Reviews and my personal experience say it sits weird for a walking bum bag, but as soon as you’re in cycling position it’s spot on.
    A bottle slot on each side and room in the middle for the usual junk.

    Premier Icon BillOddie
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    We have 2 in our house.

    Dakine Hotlaps 5 and Osprey Savu 5.

    I have used the Dakine a lot and really like it.  My son feels the same about the Osprey.

    The Patagonia looks good as does The Mystery Range Full Moon.

    Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Have had an Osprey Savu2 for a few months and quite impressed all told.

    Big enough!

    No hydration pack, but dedicated space for a standard bottle (with retainer).

    In addition, fits a small pump, multitool, phone, keys, waterproof jacket, tubeless repair kit, tyre levers, patches etc etc. Could get even more in if I wanted.

    But it’s a smaller and neater size than the Seral, and half the price.

    Has taken a beating in the mud and wet of the last few weeks and still good.

    Shop around and they are about £30 for the usual Osprey quality.

    One minus point is that there are no external pockets on the side / waist straps – you can only use the pockets on the pack itself.

    Osprey Seral 2 in Black – but shop around

    Premier Icon grahamt1980
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    Really enjoying my evoc hip pack pro (hope that is the right name), it is better than most as it has a wrap around waist belt so no thin strap with a buckle in the middle.

    Premier Icon LAT
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    I have an Evoc Hip Pack Pro 3L + 1.5L Bladder. It is insanely good. I’ve tried others from osprey and camelbak, not recently though, and the Evoc is in another league for comfort and stability.

    It has a broad waste band that velcros closed but then secured by a more conventional webbing belt. it remains stable with 1.5 litres of water in the bladder and a packable jacket and pump in the “luggage” compartment.

    it isn’t the cheap option, but it really is a good one.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm
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    Camelbak Repack gets a thumbs up from me.

    Premier Icon donslow
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    Recently grabbed myself one of these after borrowing a friends camelbak

    MUCH cheaper and a very comfy pack with all the same storage space

    Premier Icon whatyadoinsucka
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    if you dont mind the colour YELLOW, these arent bad for £38

    i’ve yet to use it, note on some styles of bags those who have a belly not all hip packs work..
    too tight when sat down and too lose when stood on pedals.

    Premier Icon momo
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    I’ve had my Orprey Seral 7 for a couple of months now, really impressed with it.

    nice touches like the main zip and water pouch zip opening in different directions so it’s easy to reach in without taking it off

    Premier Icon Aidy
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    Repack’s been good for me. Magnetic clip thing is particularly clever – the hose has never bounced out no matter how rough it’s been.

    Premier Icon tomtomthepipersson
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    I have an Evoc Race and an Osprey Savu – both very, very good but the Evoc just wins in terms of build quality and handy little extra pockets/compartments. The Evoc has been used in some fouls conditions and regularly gets hosed down – everything inside stays nice and dry and it still looks good (if a little grubby).

    Premier Icon benp1
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    Osprey Seral 7 here. The recent version has an upgraded magnet attachment point for the hose

    I really like it. I have three waist packs but this is the first hydration bladder style ones. I found I wasn’t drinking enough on local rides so with this pack I’ve gone from drink 200-300ml to 1.5 litres, just because it’s easy.

    Fits 1.5l bladder, snacks, insulated jacket, buff, hat, FAK and some other bits. Usually keep tools on the bike. Insulated jacket etc is for sitting in the pub garden afterwards!

    Premier Icon expatjack
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    Can’t fault the Evoc. Had it about 18months. Even use it for cross country running.

    Premier Icon moonsaballoon
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    I have a smaller dakine one which has been fine but recently got the osprey 5l one with a bladder as i was wanting to carry a bit more with me . I was always a bit hesitant about larger hip packs and thought once you got to a point where you had one with a bladder you were better off just wearing a pack but the osprey has been great , doesn’t bounce around at all . Also if you go on the osprey website to buy direct you get one of those pop ups where you get a discount with your first order if you sign up to the mailing list .

    Premier Icon garethjw
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    Camelback Repack’s good. The first version’s only fault was that the strap would loosen off when riding. I flogged it and bought the second version, which works better.

    Premier Icon joepud
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    Another one for the Evoc Hip Pack Pro. I basically think its the best hip pack around. Really good strap and some cords you cna use to pull it tighter. even with the bladder full i can still get my phone and wallet in.

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin
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    I like my Evoc Hip Pack Pro.

    Thump has the non-pro, which was a lot cheaper. Doesn’t have extra water bottle holders, which may or may not be a problem. The waist pockets are a wee bit smaller too.

    Premier Icon Del
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    The evoc pro is nicely made but it is very expensive and has a number of issues in my view. The biggest flaw is the waist belt is stretchy. Any weight in the pack and it flails around. My previous pack was an 8l osprey bumbag which despite having a quite thin belt you could fill the bag and carry 1.5l of water and it was neither uncomfortable or wanged around. I’ll be getting that repaired. It’s been in use for at least 5 years and only got replaced due to crash damage.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    I have the older version of this, primarily as my current bike has no bottle mounts, thanks Orbea.

    Premier Icon james-rennie
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    ..after commenting on this thread yesterday I went out for a couple of hours on the bike with my cheapie mountain warehouse Traverse ‘waist pack’ – bridleways gravel ride, and was reminded just how much it can bounce around. Especially annoying is when it’s wagging bounce gets in sync with my pedalling.
    The knack is keeping it up around my waist, if it slides down so the strap ends up in my hip crease (bad description, but you know, just there…) then the bouncing begins.

    Premier Icon dove1
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    I have an Osprey Savu 5 and a Seral 7. Both are really good.
    I use the Savu the majority of the time as it is a bit more ‘streamlined’ but can still hold 2 water bottles and have room for tools, snacks, inner tube, phone and wallet.
    Osprey stuff is well designed and on the couple of occasions I have had to use their after sales service it has been easy, quick and efficient.

    Premier Icon filks
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    Camelbak Repack works great for me. If the bladder is at capacity then once you’ve drunk half of it you need to tighten the straps slightly but it carries everything I need otherwise

    Premier Icon carlos
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    Cheers all.

    I’ve opted for the Evoc Hip Pack Pro I’m sure any of the above would do just fine though

    Premier Icon LAT
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    You have made the right choice 😉

    i was thinking of this thread yesterday as i was riding and marvelling at the stability of my bum bag.

    Premier Icon Mackem
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    I have the Evo pro – Only hip pack I’ve used so cant compare, but I’m very very pleased with it.
    Very flexible, can just stuff one bottle in for a quick zip around. Or 2 bottles and bladder for long rides.
    Comfortable, dont really notice it while riding.

    Premier Icon carlos
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    Well thanks for the recommendations for the Evoc Hip Pack Pro I got one and it’s great. I’ve not worn it on the bike yet (collar bone is still in 4 pieces) but I have used it for some hiking in Scotland and The Lakes.

    Its super comfy, plenty of space for stuff, doesn’t bob about much like I thought it would when full, elastic hoops on the top allow a rolled up top/jkt to be easily carried, very well made and I can see it’ll be perfect for those short evening rides and maybe the odd long day epic.

    Thanks again

    Premier Icon Molds
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    I fancy a break from the back pack and giving a hip pack a go.

    As a lardy I find it incredibly annoying that seemingly of the many many options the manufacturers don’t specify the maximum waist size! They be be “one size” but they certainly won’t be “one size fits all”. Perhaps, if you have to ask it ain’t gonna fit a tubster…?

    And I don’t know why any of the bigger bags have been designed with narrow strapping for the front – can’t be comfortable for anyone, surely?

    Not much mention about waist / strap size in this thread…

    Any big boys out there rocking a hip pack that can offer a recommendation?

    Premier Icon gtx29
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    best thing i can say about the hotlaps is I’ve had to check its still on a few times. even with a bottle in it.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    No, but the strap looks too narrow for a pack of that size. Make sure you try it with a bit of weight in it.

    Premier Icon mangoletse
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    I bought the alpkit one as I wasn’t sure if I’d get on with a hip pack. I think the waist belt is a tad narrow and it bounces a bit when loaded. Also doesn’t come with a bladder, they had a hydrapak horizontal one in their yard sale for £2 so I have used it and I do like the way it wraps round the waist instead of dangling off my shoulder.
    It’s decent for the money but I need more miles with it to know if it’s really for me. If I decide that’s the case I may upgrade to a bike specific one

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    I bought the evoc one that was a PSA on here, about twenty quid.

    It’s solid, big wide strap, and doesn’t move.

    They’re decidedly more expensive now!

    Premier Icon rakas
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    I got a Dakine Seeker recently and it’s been game-changing: fits nice and snug even with 2l of water in it. Enough space for food/tools etc and straps on the outside to tie a waterproof on. Sold my camelbak mule after the first ride out with it.

    Premier Icon intheborders
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    +1 Evoc

    Just works well.

    The evoc pro is nicely made but it is very expensive and has a number of issues in my view. The biggest flaw is the waist belt is stretchy. Any weight in the pack and it flails around.

    I’ve never come across this, maybe the user isn’t using the buckle/strap correctly?

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