Hindhead routes?

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  • Hindhead routes?
  • Have a free day on Sunday, and was thinking of exploring over at Hindhead – wouldn’t mind mixing up a bit of singletrack with the DH trails I have heard of over there.

    Can anyone give me some clues where to park, and directions to head in?

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    Park at the NT cafe, head up the main path toward Gibbet Hill. All the DH tracks are off to the right. There is a new bike shop just before you get to the NT car park, I’m sure they’ll be able to point you in the right direction…

    Thanks tor. I’ll head that way tomorrow morning and have a poodle around.

    Just sent someone there a few minutes ago! Park at NT ca park, follows trail around E side of the Punchbowl. Ignore obvious turns to Gibbet Hill. About 200m after the NT sign to Gibbet Hill the track starts to turn slightly left and down. There are obvious paths that leave up the bank in the RHS. Take these and there are tracks immediately in front or alternatively turn L and go down fun track towards the old viewing platform. Watch out for whole area (jumps, roots etc) on your RHS.. The only downside if the fact you have to push out :-(. From the old observation platform thEre is a contour track that links back to old A3 (with more tracks off it) and a quick way back.

    Alternatively park at Thursley and ride round towards Pitch Hill but take bridleway and climb up to the top of the Punchbowl. Then ride back around the route described above. After playing on Gibbet Hill you then go down cross over the old a3 up the hill on the edge of the Punchbowl and several way to hit a fast stony descent back to Thursley and pint in the pub.

    Thanks guys 🙂

    Pushing up is not a down side, it’s the sign of a decent trail…

    How was the ride Scott?

    The ride was excellent actually. Started badly, as I assumed I was facing due south from the top of the punchbowl and headed the wrong way around the punchbowl.

    However, I dropped down into it, and headed up the other side, and rode along the road/bridleway above the old A3 when I came across three fellas with DH rigs, so I asked them. They very kindly invited me to ride along with them (and were top lads). Spent a couple of hours sessioning some of the DH trails before getting some directions off them and going off on my own.

    The trails were superb, and I got some nice strava placings on some of them as well 🙂 I found some that all started from near a green gate that were fantastic – steep and littered with little kicker jumps.

    Thanks for the info – I’m going to do the climb out of Thursley next time.


    I’ve found that using Strava segment explore is a great way of finding new tracks/trails even in areas you’re already familiar with 🙂

    Scott, did you ride this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xzi-eYfzx4

    looks mint! must get over to Hindhead soon…

    Yes I did! It was great – I think it was one of the ones that started near the green gate.

    This is one of the fellas that showed me around at the bottom section of one of the DH routes:

    Scott I don’t know those runs at all, so need to hunt for the green gate!! see if I can struggle down on my old 100mm HT!!

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