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  • Hills Access during Stalking Season – Monadhliath/ Cairngorms
  • ricko1984
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    I’m thinking of doing some riding in Scotland in early August and just want some advice on access to certain areas during the stalking season, as its not very clear on the outdoor access website.

    Burma Road – Is this affected by this?

    Glen Feshie/ Geldie Burn/ Glen Tilt route – Is this affected by this if I stay by the river?

    Probably stupid question but I’d imagine the Lomond Hills CP/ Pentlands around Loganlea/ Tweed Valley up over Three Brethren are similarly not affected?

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    Generally if you’re sticking to well used paths/tracks then you will not have any issues. The stalkers expect there to be people on them. It’s only if you go into some corrie with no paths that you are likely to bump into the stalkers.
    There is some info here, but unless you’re going off-piste I would not bother phoning land managers etc.

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    ^ that.

    It is worth knowing your rights – I have had a few cases of notices left up with a ‘blanket’ approach to ‘banning’ people for a week/month/year, which is not acceptable. I have also had a couple of challenges while on a track, on a long distance walking path, with stalkers over on ‘the next hill’ but asking us to not walk across a different valley.
    Few and far between – but IME, stalking is the one time where landowners/agents/staff push back against our recreation use.

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    Where I have been unsure e.g. the less used paths as per comments above, I have emailed the estates with a map of my plan and have always had a very helpful response back.

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    In 50-odd years of walking and biking the Scottish Highlands I have only once had to detour to avoid a stalk and that was by request.

    Burma Road is now owned by Brew Dog and is no longer a sporting estate. That’s not to say there might no be stalking going in as they will be trying to cull.

    In general, sticking to the main routes you’ll be fine.

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    Cheers all, will be sticking to main paths so all good

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    LOL. A very posh lady up Glen Tromie told me if I went any further I may be shot! I wasn’t having any of it – we were on the Gaick path and I was certain that we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone and wouldn’t be in the “crossfire”. I replied that if one of us got shot, the other would have to be finished off pretty quickly as there would be no end of bother if word got out. She harumphed and went about her business.

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