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  • dandasbike

    anyone taken delivery yet? mine is due any day now, ordered early august. heard a rumour the uk ones have a ks dropper and not the reverb like the us ones. hope this true….

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Demoing one on Friday.

    XXL size.

    Wasnt really on my list but been finding it hard to find bikes “big enough” and a sit on one in the shop convinced me that it’s a contender.

    Will probably be the alloy S model, not sure that I can justify £5k plus


    Well when I ordered my frame only I was told that if I’d gone for a full bike I’d of had it within a week. Having said that I stumped for the womens version just because I prefer the colours but I’d of thought the hightower would of been more readily available. Ordered mine two weeks ago as of tomorrow.


    a friend of mine has had his carbon, size large build on order for a month or so now.

    he got an email today saying that Jungle are waiting for the forks and build kits to come in, so its a few weeks delay.

    unfortunately I don’t know which build he went for. I think he ordered via Rutland cycles.

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    Had my frame only a few weeks. Got it finished last week null


    i think they had certain models but i went for the highland blue in xl, cc frame x01 build.

    I picked up mine last Sunday…
    XXL C GX Eagle build in blue.


    how you liking it? also what dropper came on yours?

    Still not ridden mine yet and only took a demo bike on a short spin around the bike shop car park (more to decide whether XL or XXL needed) so no idea what it rides like*
    However, mine has the newest model Reverb (apparently)

    * Insurance replacement for a crash damaged Hightower LT…I wouldn’t normally drop this amount of cash on a bike without extensive test rides!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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