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  • Got some of these at the moment, they sound bloody superb. They are driven by an old Yamaha A-1020 Amp which must be 20 years old, they are also V V loud but the amp is powerful. Anyone heard these speakers as I dont know that much about them as they are no longer made.


    this is the highest quality fidelity. Hi-fi.

    Mr Woppit

    At Casa Woppit:


    ProAcs are lovely. Esp with Scanspeak drivers *drool*.


    Yep 3rd that. Liked ProAc a lot.

    What you want is a set of BnW 802’s run off 4 Bryston monoblocs and just in case, a couple of REL Studios in the background.

    That was a nice system to install.
    (for the nerds – run by a Meridian 800 DVD and 861 Processor, later upgraded to a Lexicon MC12. SPL was not an issue)


    Well, whilst we are waving appendages, I have these bad boys powered by a vintage Meridian 101/105 combo. More like shouters than speakers. 🙂


    What you want is a set of BnW 802’s run off 4 Bryston monoblocs and just in case, a couple of REL Studios in the background.

    Joins in the drooling.


    My mate’s got a pair of Wilson Benesch ACT speakers. Could buy a car for that….

    Ho hum

    Nice Proacs Mr Woppit.

    I have heard many positive reviews about them but have never listened to them in the flesh.

    I have a pair of Neat Motive SE2s. Lovely little speakers that produce a lot of well controlled bass and areas sweet through the rest of the frequency range.

    hoodie – Got some Dali Zensor 1’s, sound great to me….look gd too if that matters.

    Just got me some Zensor 5’s for the TV. Took a while to run in, but they’re fab for such small units. Which is just as well given our postage stamp of a living room.


    Currently running active SBLs. Contemplating an upgrade to a pair of these badboys 🙂

    Might have to go back to passive for a while though as I’d need to upgrade the active xover and maybe the amps 🙁 The thought of getting them into my 2nd floor flat is also not appealing. Maybe I’ll just buy more music…

    Mr Woppit

    What did you have before the FRAIM?


    Audiophile kit used to be a vice of mine, just as most fishing tackle is designed to catch fishermen rather than fish the same, should be said for the majority of kit tagged “audiophile”.

    I my experience the first thing to consider is proper acoustic treatment, where you put the speakers and what the sound will refract from or be absorbed by is the first step, a good few weeks can be spent carefully angling the speakers and measuring the distances (you’ll need an expensive laser measure/level)

    Then you’ve got to get the best quality interconnects, find the ones that you cant possibly afford, those are the ones that you’ll need.

    If you’ve gone for non-active speakers then you need to keep the amp to speaker cable short and the interconnects can go the distance. (mono blocks or active are the best way to go, integrated stuff will make you go slowly deaf, sterile and possibly catch the “gays”)

    After that you need to isolate the kit from the mains, the quality of the power coming into your property will have a noticeable & detrimental effect on the reproduction. Your best option is to stick a battery array in, I used to have an old compaq UPS that ran all my kit from the “clean” battery feed and not only did this make everything sound better it made me thinner, more attractive and able to wheelie down hill one handed. (As you’ll not be able to get one of those old UPS’ then you’ll have to go out and buy a bank of Rolls batteries with a charging system)

    By now you’ll have spent most of your budget but there’s still things that you NEED, if your expensive kit is simply sat on your expensive hifi rack then you are making a CRIMINAL mistake, there are vibrations EVERYWHERE; from passing traffic, airplanes even from your fridge or the wifes hoovering! but fear not, you can protect yourself and your fellow listeners from this! what you need is an Isolation system, oil baths rather than air or spring dampened isolation pads are an essential. Also their procurement usually goes un-noticed by your significant other, a great way of satisfying your “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” (aka GAS).

    Now hopefully you’ve got your equipment properly set up and you’re ready to enjoy it, the best way to do this is listen to Reference CD’s supplied by the manufacturers, careless or poorly thought out musical choices are just as bad as using those cheapo thin black and red interconnects sold at car boot sales! Only an idiot would spend upwards of 5k on a HiFi then WASTE IT by listening to anything other than Jean Michelle Jarre, Yes, Dire Straits or if feeling particularly wild, Genesis.*

    I achieved the hallowed “Perfect Sound”, my system could raise the hairs on the arms of the deaf, make cats and dogs interbreed and cure cancer, but eventually something strange happened, I stopped listening to music at home. THE “EYES” IN MY EARS HAD OPENED!! I’d listen to albums in the car, on an ipod, on a paint covered wireless, through a length of hose pushed into my neighbours loft. All of these forms of listening gave me such exquisite and yet audiophile sinful pleasures, I felt dirty but it was worth it, every snippet of every shop piped tune I passed was a pure titillation. I would hang around building sites hanging on every builders bent noted whistled, I’d be found sqouring subways for demented buskers, eventually this led me into bars where I’d hear people playing these instrument things with rampant abandon, no concern paid to the angles their sounds might carelessly refract from, I wept, it was like a rebirth! So I joined them, I began playing an instrument too and people listened, people would visit my home to hear me play. Fifty times the visitors attended my house than those that would attend my “guess the interconnect” evenings!

    Then I went into the studio…

    * I’ve never owned any Genesis, Yes, or other such twaddle, although I did have a dream last night about some bloke from genesis, I think he was the guitar tech.

    In short, the most important thing about listening to music is not the kit you play it on but rather the reaction and situation that it involves.


    Anyone want a pair of PMC tb2 in oak? Great easy to drive speakers but they didn’t integrate well in my tiny room with no acoustic treatment, now using Leema xero’s which are tiny but have excellent bass that suits the room size both visually and sonically. Personal preference but you don’t always need huge drivers and SPL’s to enjoy ‘good bass’ I always like to hear the string being struck before the actual low MgHz 🙄 and hate room boom and big humps in the response curve.

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    Ha Ha Ha Zero Yes the Japanese did tweak there amps and yet again
    The Japs have Not made any descent speakers lol

    Sorry, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never listened to quality Japanese speakers, like the beautiful Sony flat diaphragm speaker.
    Yamaha NS10’s have been a staple in studios for near-field monitoring for years, used in particular by the likes of Bob Clearmountain, a man who knows his way around a studio if anyone does. They’ve often been described as ‘horrible sounding’, when in fact they’re very good at revealing flaws in a recording. The link will tell you exactly why the Japanese have made good speakers, but I’ve lifted out the final section to save you wading all throught the real details.

    Before I wrap up this epic (and promise never, ever to write about the NS10 again), there’s just one more issue that probably deserves to be kicked around a little. If the NS10 is so good, why do people so often express their dislike of listening to it? I suspect that there are both practical and emotional answers to this conundrum.

    First, the emotional. Thanks to its time-domain accuracy and mid-heavy balance, the NS10 is an extremely revealing speaker that takes no prisoners. In other words, if the recording is poor, the NS10 will tell you in no uncertain terms. You have to work harder to make things sound good on the NS10 not because it sounds bad but because recorded music, even today, is often a poor approximation of the real thing, and the NS10 reveals it. I found a familiar comment on the SOS Forum that reads: “If it sounds good on NS10s then it’ll sound good on anything.” Again, that’s not because the NS10 is inherently poor, but because it is effective at revealing the fundamental compromises inherent in recorded music. If you’ve worked hard on NS10s at a mix and overcome those compromises, or perhaps cleverly disguised them, the mix will translate well to other systems because it is a good mix. Put another way, the NS10 better enables you to get to the nub of a mix by more accurately reproducing its fundamental time-domain information — and it is this which can make the task of mixing seem more challenging.

    And the practical? Well, it’s certainly true that the NS10s have a mid-heavy balance and little bass extension. This is especially so if they are not mounted close to a suitable boundary — such as a big desk or a rear wall — to provide low mid-range reinforcement. They’re also just as revealing of any shortcomings in the monitoring chain as they are of the mix, and they don’t take very kindly to being driven loud. While Newells and Holland showed they have very low levels of distortion, they do suffer from thermal compression, which will not only cause wide-band dynamic attenuation in response to high levels of drive, but will upset the characteristics of the crossover filters as the voice-coil resistance of the drivers increases. As temperature rises, the bass/mid low-pass filter frequency will increase significantly (and the tweeter high-pass filter frequency will reduce), and begin to give prominence to the resonances at the top end of the bass/mid driver’s response. When NS10s are driven too hard by a poor amplifier, fed by a sub-standard monitor output, and mounted without any boundary reinforcement, you might well find that they sound horrible to the point of being unusable.


    Well said Mr Nutt! A lot of folk buying this gear have lost their higher range of hearing too or are listening to MP3’s through their gear…ridiculous! I know someone who spent thousands on a Linn system and after it had been professionally installed said to me “I’m fairly happy with it but I expected it to do more”, WTF! I think they must’ve been listening to the salesman too much!

    b r

    A German colleague of mine was big into his HiFi, in that the turntable sat on a concrete pillar which was sunk into the concrete floor, and then the separates sat on another one…


    I would say if folks are using itunes on a mac buying an apogee one will be the best upgrade you ever bought.

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