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  • HiFi Tech Nerds – Dedicated CD ripper box thingy – DIY or Branded one?
  • Premier Icon jairaj

    I want to stick my CD collection onto a hard drive, maybe a NAS and then stream that to a normal analogue amplifier.

    I’ve seen dedicated boxes from Bluesound and NAIM and others that will take the CD, rip it with error correction and neatly store it on a hard disk together with album art and names and title etc.

    Now I know I can do this with a PC and there are a few different software apps that will make perfect copies and add the meta data etc.

    But is there anything that will replicate the functionality of the dedicated boxes?

    Ie I just pop the cd in the drive and it auto magically does it for me?

    I don’t want a computer screen and mouse etc. Just a nice neat box that sits silently on the hifi rack.

    I’m aiming to strike the middle ground of cost vs effort. I don’t want to go fully DIY setting up scripts etc and don’t mind paying for software or hardware that will do it for me but want to try and come in under the price of the branded stuff. Aiming for around £500 all.

    In my opinion the sound quality is all the in DAC stage not in the ripping (assuming your use error correction). So I don’t see the point in paying mega bucks for the ripping part.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    I used to do this with ExactAudioCopy. Could set it to auto-start rip (including getting metadata) when a CD was inserted, and to eject at the end. Less of an issue with modern CPUs but it would also separately queue the encodes too. Meant I’d just take a big stack of CDs with me any time I was sat down at the computer and keep feeding it a new disc every few minutes. The encodes would catch up later on.


    What Simon said… Think of how many cd’s that £500 will buy you…

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Anything that can do a CDDB lookup will sort out the majority of the metadata for you.

    TBH though, in this day and age I’d probably just torrent what I already owned. Legally grey perhaps but the outcome is the same, I’d have no moral issues over stuff I’d already paid for.

    Premier Icon batfink

    iTunes (called music now) will do all this – you can set it to start automatically when you insert a CD, then spit it out when it’s done.

    Premier Icon bikebob

    I had the same dilemma a couple of years ago. Looked at the numerous easy options at the time and decided to use DBpoweramp and spend many hours ripping. Fast forward two years, I no longer use any of it, even the NAS has gone, I just stream it all.

    I had some CDs / tracks that are not available, but the majority are and it’s opened my ears to many new artists and genres. I think listening to new music is the real benefit to me. Not sure how many CDs you have, I only had a few hundred, but streaming was the way forward for me. Enjoy the music, whichever route you take.

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