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  • Hidden gems in North Wales?
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    Love our regular North Wales routes, mostly cobbled together from the Bikefax guide book and suggestions from folk on here.

    But can’t help feeling we’re missing out on shedloads of local goodness.
    So what can you suggest?

    Stay at Llanberis and regularly ride Telegraph Valley, Bwlch Y Groes, the quarries, Conwy Mountain, Moel Y Ci etc.

    Have my eye on the path that leads west over the top into Trefor on the Llyn, but got stuck in that bloody commercial forest last time we tried.

    Had a few bimbles on the Anglesey Coastal, er, Footpath – some good, some bad.
    Any bits you’d recommend?

    Ta in advance.


    Have a look here, I’m not on this forum but there are some good rides here.


    Try riding from Llyn Crafnant over to capel currig, some good natural stuff up there. Check legality of paths first


    RE Trefor – I walked that track once and thought it would be good on a bike but then having checked a map there is not much else to link up to it. Nant Gwertheryn DH doesn’t count.
    You know that Trefor quarry has just the right kind of granite for making curling stones!


    Cant go far from doing a few routes from here The Edge Cycles[/url]

    Premier Icon Nick

    Pont Scethin


    The wayfarer, the peasant track and generally the Glyn as a whole. 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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