Hi-Fi is out of “the Basket”…

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  • Hi-Fi is out of “the Basket”…
  • …and smart speakers are in.


    I was looking for a new cartridge a couple of weeks ago and noticed Superfi has gone under and wondered if anyone still bought conventional Hi-Fi anymore?

    Have you all moved to smart and bluetooth speakers – or who still has a traditional separates system?

    Personally I use both, but the separates system gets a lot more use. Bluetooth speaker is generally rolled out when doing DIY and BBQs etc.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I use wireless, but not smart, Audio Pro speakers. I have no real use for the smart bit and got rid of separates in order to help save space.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Nope, have separates and no intention of changing. No bluetooth speakers here nor Alexa gubbins. Certainly don’t feel I’m missing out on anything.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’ve still got my separates. It’s a Sony system from.. dunno, over 20 years ago? Still sounds great, not that I can crank it in my semi-detached. No point replacing it and.. .cassettes, LPs, minidiscs, CDs.. what else could I play them on?
    Bluetooth speakers in the kitchen and bathroom.


    I’ve got my separates, but mostly listen to it via a bluetooth dongle. I keep meaning to pick up a Chromecast audio, but have been a bit too skint.


    Have you all moved to smart and bluetooth speakers – or who still has a traditional separates system?

    Still got my original hi-fi system that I scrimped & saved for around about ’93/94, even though it is distinctly budget.
    Nad 3020i amp
    TDL RTLII Mk2 speakers
    Luxman D322 CD player.

    I have hooked a Chromecast Audio up to it to try & give it a modicum of modernity.

    Other music sources in the house are:
    – a bluetooth speaker that gets taken into the bathroom/garage/garden
    – a recently purchased Onkyo Google speaker for the kitchen (I put a PSA post about this a month or so ago)
    – a recently purchased Audio Pro T5 speaker also with a Chromecast Audio stuck in the back of it.

    I tell myself that when the hi-fi dies it will get replaced…..but the reality is that it perhaps won’t in it’s current guise.
    My Wife is keen to get rid of the speakers as they are large, slabby black monoliths sitting in the living room & if the amp/cd player dies they will probably get replaced with some kind of network music player….the current set-up does look decidedly retro in today’s age of small mono ‘smart’ boxes……

    Premier Icon DezB

    My Wife is keen to get rid of the speakers

    I recently bought some huge B&Ws 😀


    Using both. Smart speakers for a little bit of background music, usually while doing something. Separates for listening to music as the smart speakers are poor quality.

    I’m finding there are less people (friends/kids/etc) interested in high quality audio and they definitely don’t want big ugly speakers in their rooms, it’s all about having music on demand, even if the quality is horrendous.

    Last time I bought something Hi-Fi separate related is about 6-8 years ago and I’m hoping that amp will last at least 20 years. I can understand why some Hi-Fi places have gone under, good quality gear last a very long time.


    Ours isn’t that hi-fi but it’s pretty good with reasonable floor standers and a Yamaha amp. The main source now is a Sonos connect hooked up to it but the record player gets used sometimes too.

    The rest of the house has Sonos speakers apart from the bedroom which has another amp and bookshelf speakers on the wall, with a Sonos plugged in to it.

    I like to turn it up sometimes and do enjoy listening properly, the Sonos speakers are ok for kitchen and other rooms, but not main listening.

    Most of what I listen too is streamed from Google Play Music, I usually can’t tell the difference Vs lossless.


    I’ve still got my separates. Cambridge Audio amp & CD player both about 15yrs old, and Ruark speakers about 20yrs old. Certainly not looking to replace it anytime soon.

    do you not follow the audiophile and product specific, ie lp12, goups on facebook? hifi is live, loud and kicking.

    i got back into it myself around 4 few years back, the first place i asked for advice was on here.

    i like my vintage stuff personally, partly because i can afford kit that if new i couldn’t, partly because it can be fixed and modified and partly because i like the idea that i’m listening to records (i only do records and the majority from the 60s and 70s) on the kit it was mixed for.

    so i’ve gone in the last 4 years when i asked about rega turntables from my modest student set up that had lived in various attics for 25 years to the latest pile of sweet sounding lovliness that is an early 80s linn lp12 with valhalla and a modified rega rb300 arm (the latter until i can afford an ittok arm), quad 66/606 and quad esl57 speakers.


    A loud gigs, industrial noise and bad ear defenders mean the quality of smart speakers in impeccable for me 😉 I do prefer films on a full surround though.


    Just recently got a Naim Muso, wouldn’t go back to hifi, so much easier and no silly cables anywhere


    on the superfi going bust, it’s probably due, as with the john lewis profits drop, to people holding back on “big” ticket items and superfi was 80% big ticket items (and not just hifi, tv and smart media to).

    still go traditional cabled speakers here with a couple of seperates (dab & blu-ray) attached to the surround amp (which is “smart” enabled so kinda hybrid)

    Premier Icon brassneck

    30 plus years of guitars and valve amp fetishisation have put me firmly in camp ‘can’t hear a differnce’ .. the accessibility of Echo is really useful – .. Alexa, play me some Dad music 😀

    A lot of them are bollocks though aren’t they …a younger millennial mate of mine (I am too – but actually remember the 90s) has some crazy expensive Sony soundbar. It sounds like dogshit – but it’s awesome apparently. Those Phantom things don’t sound that great to me either. All of them are easily bettered by my old mans 20 odd year old setup.

    Premier Icon Rio

    Got a Naim Muso a couple of years ago, separates system never got used after that so it’s all in boxes in the loft. I test listened to the Muso at Superfi but they didn’t have one in stock (and had difficulty finding any classical music to play on it) so I ordered one from John Lewis and collected it from Waitrose the next day; such is the way of modern retail.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Separates here. Marantz PM66ki sig amp, Project Essential III turntable, marantz cd63ki sig CD player, Mission 773e speakers. As a nod to the present, I have a Chromecast audio plugged in as well which is good for when I’m in the bath as I don’t have to get out to turn the record over.

    I’ve got a great little record shop close to work that satisfies all of my vinyl needs too 🙂

    Still think separates plus amp etc are the way to go – audio stuff used to last for donkeys years and still sound great. Now by going down the all in one route and adding bluetooth (which can be improved), it allows the introduction of obsolescence and if one component breaks it’s time to throw away the whole thing.

    Old school allows you to upgrade individual parts to keep up with the times and stops you from having to throw everything away.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I picked up a nice NAD 302 a neighbour had thrown out the other week so long may it continue!

    Premier Icon drewd

    I’ve a seperates system in the front room with a cd player, turntable and chromecast audio as sources.

    The kitchen has a small set of speakers and a chip amp linked to a chromecast audio.

    The bedroom has an old seperates amp and a raspberry pi.

    I bought a JBL bluetooth speaker about 5 years ago and whilst it’s great for improving the sound on the laptop or as a travel speaker it didn’t impress us enough to consider replacing any other devices. If I am honest I only tried it as everyone was raving about how good they were, but it left me feeling underwhelmed.

    I’ve no interest in getting a smart speaker, but can see why others want them over a traditional stereo setup.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Being deaf in one ear I only hear in mono anyway so Bluetooth to a small stereo with bookshelf speakers and a sub is fine for me.

    Premier Icon twonks

    As far as music and Hi-Fi goes, I’m all for technology if it sounds good.

    All our cds are stored on a hard disk in lossless format and played through various media front ends.

    However the main amp and speakers are all relatively modest old school (arcam amplifier and tannoy revolution r3 speakers). Sat/sub and especially sound bars sound plain awful to me, irrespective of price.

    A few mates swear by Sonos systems etc and I’ve yet to hear a good one.

    Premier Icon aide

    Still got my technics separates, just use a portable CD player in it after the original went a few years ago. Wharfdale speakers plugged into them. Braw sound out of it


    Cambridge Audio amp and CD player combined with Mission floor standing speakers, sounds fantastic. Although I do have a portable FLAC playing device that’s also connected up to it, but that’s because my mate’s A DJ and I get him to send me his mixes.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I have an Alexa. It’s been unplugged for months.

    My monster headphone system however gets a lot of use. And I’ve just bought a new turntable to hook in to it :).


    Hi Fi all the way for me. Linn LP12 and Radikal, Naim speakers Quad 405/2 and 34 power and pre amps. Sometimes use the iphone in the car and have had a couple of mp3 players over the years but nothing comes close to my turntable set up so, apart from in the car, thats the only thing in the house I use to listen to music.My 11 year old wants my old amp and speakers but he listens to electronic guff and “Modern RnB”, more guff forced on him in school which wont play anything faintly guitar based as its to aggresive. For now he uses headphones so I dont suffer to much aural torture!

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Recently downsized the hi-fi from a stack of old Audiolab kit and B&W speakers to a single mid range multi channel Yamaha amp. Still kept the B&W speakers, but the new amp lets me connect a load more digital sources.

    Can’t say I miss the old kit, the Yamaha amp is really rather good and the set up is a lot more flexible than what I had before and it still goes stupidly loud!

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Separates here (AVI/ATC) but I haven’t upgraded or added anything for years. Sound quality is my main criterion, I have no interest in multi room or other fancy stuff. I could quite fancy a network streamer and hard disc storage if someone else paid for it.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I could quite fancy a network streamer and hard disc storage if someone else paid for it.

    I’m slowly ripping my CD collection and transfering it to a nice big NAS drive and have a really good value Yamaha streamer hooked in to a Rega DAC. Works really well although I would like to sample a CD player in to the same setup to see if I can discern any difference. That said the NAS is hugely more convenient and means my set up is nice and compact.

    Which will of course change when the turntable arrives 😀


    I could quite fancy a network streamer and hard disc storage if someone else paid for it.

    I get that from google, they supply the storage, streaming and music I don’t have to compliment it along with serving my all the stuff I own for a nice monthly fee.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Proper HiFi.

    Although we are on the cutting edge with a Bluetooth wireless in the kitchen. 🙂

    Marantz PM66ki sig amp

    Great, aren’t they?


    Seperates here, Sony CD, Naim amp, Linn speakers, most listening is done via Apple airplay as I’m mostly doing other stuff at the same time, sounds fine, Qobuz did sound markedly better, couldn’t tell it from CDs, especially for jazz, female voice etc but the interface was too clunky and some of my favourite stuff was missing, it’s also £20 a month, ouch!

    Premier Icon DezB

    So, did it mention the age range that hi-fi is “out of the basket” for?
    Clearly not middle aged forum dwellers!

    Premier Icon jeffl

    Bit of both. Arcam amp and CD player with monitor audio speakers in the lounge. Have a Chromecast hooked up to the TV which feeds into the amp so I can stream stuff through it. Yamaha WiFi speaker in the kitchen and a monitor audio Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom.

    Got a naim/project/elac hifi for vinyl duties but have an Alexa wotsit plugged into it for Spotify.

    In the kitchen we have a cheapo Teac all in one thing running some B&w bookshelf speakers – again with an Alexa for steaming radio and Spotify.

    I love being able to just say ‘Alexa play Napalm Death/Beastie boys/Ukrainian Jazz’ or whatever.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Separates went when my CDs did – maybe 10 years ago now.

    I do still have the Mission speakers I bought with my first proper hifi when I was 17 – but they’re plugged into a Sonos ZP100.


    A few mates swear by Sonos systems etc and I’ve yet to hear a good one

    The stand alone speakers are OK but to get HiFi sound you need a Sonos Connect which plugs into your amp. Connect AMP also will drive whatever speakers you choose.

    The Play 1s are perfect for other rooms.

    Rega turntable and a network media client into a Cyrus 8 Amp plus DAC with Tannoy Floor standers.

    Denon BT250 Bluetooth Speaker for DIYing, working on cars, out in the garden etc; amazing sound for what it is.

    Can’t abide any Alexa smart nonsense though.


    “Bit of both. Arcam amp and CD player with monitor audio speakers in the lounge. Have a Chromecast hooked up to the TV which feeds into the amp so I can stream stuff through it. Yamaha WiFi speaker in the kitchen and a monitor audio Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom.”

    I have a Arcam Alpha 10 and a an Arcam Alpha 10p biamping some monitor Audio GS20’s in my lounge now and I love them. Effortless would be the word I would use to describe how it sounds. I have an Arcam CD player with a Cambridge Audio DAC. However I also have an Alexa that does the streaming stuff too. I am looking forward to the Echo link being released to I can connect it to my DAC.

    I have an Arcam 8 upstairs in the office that I use with a CD’s and another Alexa.

    Also an Alexa in the bedroom and the Kitchen. “Alexa play six music everywhere” 🙂

    So a mix of old and new for me.

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