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  • philly5

    Hi, i had a hernia op last week and am itching to get back out riding. i know to wait til i feel right but was wondering how long people left it!!

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    I had an op last year. I was happily walking around after 1 week, light riding (road stuff and light pootle’s) after 3 and back to pretty much normal after 4 or 5.

    Just do what feel comfortable, if it twinges then stop.

    I’ll a relatively fit 28 year old bloke if that helps.


    Oh lord, now nettles will be posting his pictures again. 😕


    cheers appropriately named lunge (“,)
    i’m 28 and healthy so i’ll get booked on the llandegla trip in 4 weeks!
    could post my own photo if anyone requires?!

    Depends on what type of repair to some extent – there are different methods.

    The issue is tho that although you feel fine your abdominal wall is not fully back to strength – this will take at least 3 months. So the important thing is not to stress it – no heavy lifting.

    So no lifting your bike over styles, in and out of cars and so on. Otherwise just be sensible – if it hurts / aches stop. 2 or 3 weeks to be back on a bike seems reasonable to me.


    Oh lord, now nettles will be posting his pictures again.

    It’s alright, I’m at work so there’ll be none of that.

    I am going home in a bit though…

    In answer to the question, I left it a month.

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    4 weeks will be on the limit, I was quite happy to ride in that time but anything that involved anything strenuous i got a bit of a twinch.


    6 weeks off my post round.

    Avoid anything that will make you cough or sneeze in the first week or so – it hurts.


    I had an inguinal hernia a number of years ago that was fixed with a patch (that’s what they tend to do these days). I was off work for a couple of weeks and then built up again. The strange thing is that even after all these years (about 7) I still get a bit of an ache if I work quite hard in exercise.

    If you get a hernia that isn’t inguinal I think the recovery may be longer. Also if they stitch the muscle as opposed to patch it may take longer to get back to normal.


    was off work for a couple of weeks and then built up again. The strange thing is that even after all these years (about 7) I still get a bit of an ache if I work quite hard in exercise.

    2 yrs here and i get the same – i read up before the op and about 5% get quite a lot of pain for ever – trapped nerves are to blame

    i don’t do hanging leg raises because get sore – ditto running hard up hill but its only a numb ache i put down to irritating scar tissue that forms around the web stuff

    as to post about 8 weeks before rode 6 weeks run first 4 weeks did a bit of walking but stiles hurt – but i’m late 40’s

    had a double repair, 3 weeks off work . followed by 3 months off the bike. Key hole surgery and mesh inserts. Having read the adverts in the papers about a few days of work, then tennis 2 weeks later I was surprised. Think the surgeon had it in for me, as i was late, which i wasn’t , I was sent to wrong ward, then to the wrong theater , pushing my own trolly in my surgical gown and barefeet


    I had an appendicectomy, not the same, but a big 5 inch scar ( retrocaecal appendix, Reg with shovel-like hands) thru the abdominal wall… I used to wait in for the district nurse and tell her I was resting, then get out on the bike, that was 3 days post op, but I’m a nurse so I’m allowed.

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    Well, these are all very cautious.

    I had a keyhole inguinal op last summer. Surgeon said “encourage early mobility” and specifically walk half a mile the day after, build up to 2 miles by a week after, then you can lift 1 stone and run after that.

    That’s more or less what I did. Cycled after a week on the road (and drove) cycled 28 miles (flatish, with a 9yr old so not too fast)after 10 days but didn’t feel I could run comfortably for about 3-4 weeks. MTB after about 5 weeks.

    I found the recovery to be incremental ie not a daily improvement but suddenly every few days things would be much better.

    I was a very fit 39yr old, comfortably running a couple of hours on the fells! (Still am thank goodness!)

    Good luck!

    We’re all different. i’m a window cleaner and was back at work quickly,but there was the occasional twinge.My father-in-law had his fixed a bit earlier than me and his popped again.
    I have occasional pain for no apparent reason. i’m late forties,reasonably fit…..but not fell running fit…


    Mine wasn’t keyhole surgery – I have a large scar down below…. That took some time to heal! The funny thing was that I was expecting someone to turn up to, ahem, ‘shave’ me down there but no-one did. After I woke up I found that I had been neatly shaved and exactly *half* had been removed. I complained, I thought they would have done a nice motif or something, or given me an amusing Brazilian or something!

    And I don’t care if it was too much info!


    I went prepared with a number 2 but they gave me a trimmer and said no to my stylish effort! i was cut open too and i’ve a nice 5″ scar so no rushing back to anything. Plus i’m an electrician so pretty much anything i do is lifting….so i lead you to believe! the kettle is heavy when full!!

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