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  • Remedy1

    Any one got any real world experience of the xfusion slant and the pike. Also what’s everyone’s opinion on changing from a lyrik to one of the above


    Unless you just want to save weight can’t you just keep the Lyriks and have the charger damper and dual flow rebound fitted? It would most likely be cheaper and probably fit as the pikes have the same size stanchions as the pike.


    I was thinking about putting a charger in my lyriks.
    Phoning Si at loco for the dual flow cart for them on Monday.Is there any real advantage over mission control as that’s quite good as it is.
    Is it really worth the money.Would be interested to hear if anyone has done this.

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    Got the slants, not had them long enough to provide any long term review as my bike was only finished last week but loving them so far, seem brilliant for the money as I couldn’t quite stretch to the pikes.

    Fully recommend contacting Jtech if you decide to go for them.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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