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  • Help with Garmin Base Camp, Connect and OS Please.
  • excitable1

    Garmin Connect & Base Camp are driving me up the bloody wall and I would appreciate any suggestions for good alternative software or a GPS web site to plot trails on to help me with this:

    I have an Edge 800 with the 1:50,000 OS maps and I use some software to create custom maps/tiles using the 1:20,000 OS, all of which I can see in Garmin Base Camp when the Edge is plugged in to the computer so it’s great for plotting a trail along the true OS BW’s etc 😉
    The problem is that you can’t toggle between Google Earth and the maps and use them both to plot the trail, you can only view your trail in Google Earth. For obvious reasons I like to make sure I am following what’s real on the ground as well as the OS because as you know the real trail often bares no resemblance to the BW etc.
    Garmin Connect allows you to plot your trail on a Google Earth map (albeit I think they’ve deliberately faded the image to encourage you to buy their satellite images) but the problem is you can’t use your OS maps to check you’re following the OS BW’s etc, and you can’t export/import the trail/course you’ve created between the two programmes.
    I end up plotting the trail in Base Camp using the OS, then switching the view to Google Earth then opening Garmin Connect at the same time to plot the same trail all over again toggling back and forth between the view only Google Earth to compare them. Complete PIA 🙁

    There must be something out there that allows you to use your OS maps & custom maps/tiles to plot your trail and toggle between that and a Google or Bing Earth image as you’re plotting it out and then allow you to export it to your Garmin.

    Complicated I know for a Friday morning but any help would be appreciated.


    Premier Icon scotroutes

    A) try wheresthepath. That shows satellite and OS on the se screen with a shared cursor.

    B) add your OS map as an image overlay on Google Earth. Set transparency to around 50% and you can see the satellite imagery through it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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