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  • ChunkyMTB

    DW 5 Spot? Well known issue with the first ones. Turner sent owners new journals bearings.


    i have an annoying crick and I have fitted a new bb and diagnosed the problem as the pedals. How old are yours? new bearings for pedals are very cheap.


    Ah ok then.

    The bike had new journals and pivots fitted about 3 weeks ago and all fitted with superlube.

    Pedals are sanderson flats and have been greased.

    Why is it ony happening then with the cranks in a certain position and when Im not pedalling?


    I had a similar clicking sound or creek on my cross bike. At the same place/time yours is creaking as well. Discovered what it was this afternoon, after a process of elimination, non drive side spd pedal. Cleaned and lubed it all and it seems to have done the trick.


    Could be something really simple and stupid. Have you checked the derailleur hanger? Take it off, clean the two faces which meet, pop a little bit of grease on and tighten back up. You’d be amazed how common that is.
    A colleague of mine was convinced his frame/cranks/bb/wheels were all f**ked as he had an annoying creak and couldn’t find it anywhere. Turns out it was the derailleur hanger.


    My 5 spot has got an annoying creak type noise but only at certain times with the cranks in a certain position.

    With the driveside crank arm at its lowest point and with a bit of weight on the pedal I get a creaking noise? Its not a loud creak and I doubt anyone else would notice it but I do and its annyoing me?

    Any ideas what it could be ??

    Ive just fitted a new bottom bracket as I thought the old shimano one was the culprit but it doesnt seem to be the case!!


    I have this from time to time and it drives me nuts. In the last two instances it’s turned out to be pedal threads and the stem. Creaks have a way of travelling along a frame and manifesting themselves far from their source.

    +1 for mech hangers too.


    I’ve just had another look at the pedals and the riveside one has a load of play in it that was not apparent a few weeks ago when I took them apart to clean and service them!

    New pedals time then!

    slacken the rear skewer back wheel then re-tighten …my orange five used to creak on and off for ages …it was the skewer… just ‘adjust’ and re tighten it… 😉


    Well just as an update, I took the pedals off and swapped them over form my spd’s to see if it was really the pedals creaking and it turns out it wasnt.

    So I started with the obvious bits… rear skewer, mech hangar etc and finally nailed it down to the seatpost and clamp.

    So stripped them down and lubed them up and cool the creak has gone !

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    currently all my bikes creak, quite vexing
    1, BB pretty sure
    2, bearing pivots (despite all bolts being tight and bearings greased and in good nick) really noisy tho grrrr!
    3, shock bushes
    4, dunno maybe bolt in dropouts, maybe BB, intermittent singlespeed to not arsed.

    slacken the rear skewer back wheel then re-tighten

    had that before too.

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