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    I need to advertise a vacancy for an Engineer Support Administrator and am trying to decide the most cost effective way to find the right person. I haven’t needed to do this for some time, so would value your thoughts on the best way to go about it these days.

    I have had two bad and expensive experiences with agencies so am not rushing to take that route.

    So if you were looking for a job, where is the first place you would start looking?

    Or if you have had experience with filling a vacancy, where did you advertise?

    Do people look in local news papers any more?

    Thanks in advance

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    We tend to ‘advertise by asking around’ – twitter, local tech forums etc. You tend to get someone who’s an acquaintance of a friend so at least some sort of recommendation.

    You never know, even putting details on here might help 🙂


    Why not place a crafty ad on here? Oh you just did 😉


    We have been quoted £1,200 for an advert in the local paper plus a couple of their free advertiser type papers, and a month on their website.

    I had thought of putting something up on linked in, but then all of our customers would see it, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.


    I wouldn’t be too worried about your competitors seeing that you’re hiring. Can be a positive thing (things are going so well we need more staff) and even if not, people leave jobs all the time so it’s no big deal.

    Not sure you can just advertise a job on LinkedIn though. Their recruiter tool is geared around a yearly subscription with a flat fee for use rather than a job board style price per listing structure. You need volume to make it work, but if you have the volume I know it saves money (because I’ve seen their data and it’s really good).

    Do onto spend £1200 on a local paper. Can’t see that being remotely viable these days.

    Job boards have their place and will be very cost effective. Try the usual suspects like Monster, Totaljobs etc and the job boards associated with the broadsheets as they are also viable options.

    Word of mouth,networking and informal advertising on social media though (including LinkedIn) are probably the best way to go initially.

    If you’re constrained by time though, and need someone quickly, then a recruitment consultancy will definitely help to shortcut the process. I can understand your reticence but you might be able to manage the experience by managing the brief and the contract better. It should only be expensive if you pay the fee having hired someone and then they leave but usually the fee is only payable after they have been with you a given amount of time, say three months. That should give you time to evaluate them and pass them on their probation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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