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  • HELP!: Windows server experts… (again)
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    Hi all,

    I know this is begging for free ‘support’ but i am trying to sort it out myself honest..

    Some of you might remember i posted few weeks back about a dying windows 2003 domain controller, well the new one is up and working all hunky dory ‘so i thought’.

    it is a dell brand new server with server 2012 installed (standard)

    everything seems to be working since it went live about 3 weeks ago, during the week however it has been ‘playing up’.

    we have 20 users all on the ONE domain, there are shared folders on the new server (the DC) and another server which is a windows 2008 storage server.

    during the day virtually everyone has trouble connecting to various shared drives, that is they could be working on an excel sheet and an error pops up ‘connection lost’, or it could be a simple case of when they double click a share it says its not available.

    problem is solved if i get them to log off then straight back on.

    ive looked on the server event viewer and apart there are no obvious errors being thrown up.

    i have a gut feeling it is a licensing issue? concurrent users accessing shared drives seems to ring a distant bell, the copy of windows 2013 has been activated and when i ordered the server dell sent me 25 windows server 2012 CALs, which came in 5 plastic sealed sleeves each with a ‘tracking ID’.

    i know in server 2003 you had Per Device or Per User Per Server and if you didnt get that correct it would play up in a similar way…

    but in server 2013 it is totally different, do i have to actually enter the ‘tracking ID’ somewhere in the server set-up?

    cheers for any help/pointers! 🙄

    ps- every pc joined the new domain fine, all clients are set as DHCP, everyone can ping each other and the servers etc.

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    yes you need to add the user licences to the server the licene manager.

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    hi cheers for the reply…

    don’t laugh but where exactly is the ‘licence manager’? the GUI for server 2012 is a million miles away from 2003 😳


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    i know in server 2003 you had Per Device or Per User Per Server and if you didnt get that correct it would play up in a similar way…

    Are you sure about that? I have been using server 2003 for about 9 years, we have Cals but none of them are installed and our 80 users connect to network shares just fine. I believe this is the same in 2008.

    I have no knowledge of server 2012.

    OP: rather than logging in/off again

    can you access the share still from \\server\sharename

    How about going to \\dcname\netlogon and re-running the bat file?

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    I’ve not done much work on server 2012 as yet but doubt very much they will be cutting you out due to licensing. If they were I would suspect it would be logging it to the event logs.

    Just to check, have you set the shares to accept as many connections as you have (or unlimited) as opposed to limiting them to x amount of connections?

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    found out the problem…..

    nothing to do with the server…

    bl**dy symantec endpoint anti virus!!

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