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  • Help thread for covid19
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    Could this work for anyone who is having to self isolate but cannot get supplies to post up and see if anyone is nearby that can help.
    I am on the beds/herts border and could probably bring food if I can get any

    Premier Icon grahamt1980

    @mods please delete if this isn’t ok

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    I’d say pin it to the top rather than delete.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    We’re all ready shopping for friends who are asthmatic and diabetic. Can do some more in Ipswich.

    Arrangements we’re using are email shopping list or message via FB/text.

    Shopping delivered to doorstep and text/doorbell rung to say it’s there.

    We chat from around 3m away while the shopping is taken in.

    Bank transfer to settle up.

    I’m fortunate that I have a Makro card for the business, though they are restricting amounts of pasta and rice that you can buy at any one time.

    Premier Icon tjagain

    Its a good call. There are some folk like on here that will be in isolation for a while.

    Only 10 days to go for me!


    Great idea.

    Our little cul du sac has a whatsapp group. We’re all helping each other out without actually having to get too near.
    I’m organising a large milk delivery from our milkman.
    Another neighbour is going to a wholesalers for the few of us who have not been panic buying, and are now can’t get basic foods.

    Back to the OP
    We’re in Marple. If anyone nearby needs anything nearby please ask me?

    Premier Icon HansRey

    Longshot: if anybody needs help from Ixelles/Bruxelles in Belgium, get in touch.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I’m in Macclesfield if anybody local is in an at risk group and in need please get in touch

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I’m in Perth so if anyone is stuck, or has family up this way that needs help, let me know.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Longshot: if anybody needs help from Ixelles/Bruxelles in Belgium, get in touch.

    Im just down the road in Boitsfort so who knows.  Similar if you get stuck. I should put out a note out on the club email as well although most folks have been here quite a while now so probably well connected

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    North East England here. Newcastle/Gateshead/co Durham and SE Northumberland if you need something message me or call the factory on 0333 444 0650.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    lincoln here and happy to help out if needed…..


    Cirencester here, happy to help

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Dunblane and happy to help.
    Our little cul de sac has a good craic going on over the garden fences.


    Guildford / Surrey Hills here if needed

    Glencoe here so can help out friends/family.

    Premier Icon Dorset_Knob

    Warminster / surrounding areas.

    Please PM me if you need help or know anyone who does.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Not sure if this is the right thread, but if anyone has lost their job due to the crisis and needs some CV help or general advise about where to look then message me.
    Unsurprisingly, I, like most in recruitment, have a reasonable amount of time on my hands at the moment!

    Premier Icon mudfish

    You guys are being very kind with this – It’s vital to hekp each other at a time like this. Singletrack is a great community.

    But I fear that nationally focussed aid group will soon be far too big, so really hard to administer ans to search for help on, especially in a forum format like Singletrack.

    I’ll carry with this message
    – but maybe we are not really allowed to do it anyway, given the very restiricted reasons for which we are allowed out – the subject of mutual aid needs addressing by Boris’s pals. Not that we aren’t going to help each other if there’s a real need whatever the rules.

    I can see a plus in making it bikers helping other bikers for sure, so maybe it’s possible to clone the ideas below.

    has a Covid 19 Mutual Aid group for example for Hove & one for Brighton – “Covid 19 Mutual Aid” seems to be the key search term


    my very local group

    Example – list of groups local to Brighton:
    interactive map here
    They say – if there is no local group yet, please consider setting one up (get in touch if you need help) and add to the list! X

    Nextdoor groups (online forum)
    is useful too – for neighbourly communication including where to buy food etc. and has lots of local groups –
    it’s a bit hard to navigate but once you’re joined up to a local group its easier
    I’d join a local group and then ask for the Coronavirus or Covid 19 specific links

    How can you use Nextdoor to help your neighbours in a time of need?

    ‘Sum of us’ has just started a national initiative to co-ordinate groups but its not very organised as yet:

    hope it helps guys


    North Worcestershire if needed.


    Baslow, Bakewell, Beeley, Rowsley and Darley Dale area, and already shopping for a couple of neighbour’s so if anyone wants anything for them or an elderly relative up here, just pm me. Happy to help.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    NHS are asking for volunteers to do this now.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Go here to sign up –

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Cardiff here. Considering making an app to co-ordinate local shopping stuff.


    Warminster is here and ready to help

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    @mudfish The National schemes are good and the response has been great. We’re offering a local scheme for local people (our friends and mates who use this forum) we’re an addition to not an instead of. We also seem to have people here who have particular skills as @lunge has offered earlier.

    (It is a given that @captainflashheart is our goto chap for paperclips and shoe advice)


    Nottingham and Trent villages areas. Signed up with NHS volenteers too, just waiting to be deployed

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