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  • keefus

    Later this month (26th) I’m travelling to Manchester specifically for Revolution 11 at the National Cycling Centre. Firstly what’s parking like and is it safe/secure? How much does it cost?
    Secondly, there’s a possibility I can get to see the United v Stoke match that afternoon. Again what’s parking like and is it safe/secure?
    Thirdly(and last) how long and how difficult is it to get from Old Trafford to the Velodrome? Can it be done in an hour taking into consideration the crowds/traffic.
    Thanks in anticipation


    Metrolink is your friend the new link stops at the Etihad stadium. Might need to change at Piccadilly to get the tram to the Swamp but is really easy.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Parking at the Velodrome is OK, there’s overspill on the Asda car park next door. Parking round OT is a nightmare on match day, every spare inch becomes a pay car park.

    As above, best bet is to use the Metrolink from wherever you’re basing yourself, an hour should be time enough, I’d have thought.

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    Park outside Manc and use train/bus/tram as applicable. Traffic round both Velodrome and OT is horrendous on event days.

    Tram goes right to the velodrome now. Ten mins from Piccadilly, costs about £2.90 return.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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