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  • Help – Re-bled brakes but still problems – Formula Oro k24
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    After a year of use, I could pull my Oro levers right back to the bars so I had them re-bled by my LBS, this has improved the problem but I still have to pull them right back (now leaving maybe 2cm to the bars) to get full braking. Anyone else have this problem? what can I try?

    I’m sure that when they were new full braking was acheived with much less leverage…



    They either haven’t been bled properly or your pads are worn and the pistons haven’t adjusted in. It’s not hard to do, get yourself a bleed kit and be patient when getting the air out. It took a while of tapping, sucking etc before a load of air bubbles came out of my Ones.


    have you adjusted the little lever (bite point adjuster i think)?

    Other thing that happened with mine was one of the lever piston seals went so although the brakes worked you could slowly pull them right back to the bars if you held the brakes on. (fluid was leaking back past the seal into the reservoir or something). Anyway needed new lever seals and works fine now.


    Great thanks for the tips.. I’ll check the pads and piston seals..

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    turn bite point adjuster to most squidgy setting
    take wheel out.
    sqeeze brakes a few times.
    put wheel in.
    use adjuster to fine tune bite point.

    i know they are supposed to but i`m not convinced mine self adjust.

    i also have the same issue as meeeeee above on my front brake but i cant be arsed to fix it.

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