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    you need to create an ISO image of the CD on the external drive and then use soemthign like MagicDisk to fool your pc into thinking it's loadign it from CD – it'll just install it as normal.

    you can also map the cd drive on the other machine across a network and load it from there but I've had less success at that approach.


    I haven't used Memory Map for a while, but I think you will need to install the MM software to be able to open the maps.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    Isn't the Memory Map application a free download from their website? I think it is then the maps can be dragged & dropped into the appropriate folder,

    Alternative is to get hold of an external DVD drive.


    Download and install the latest MM software from the website then copy the map files over to a directory on your laptop. Start the memory map software, click on "map list" in the options, then point it in the direction of the directory you put the files in and bobs your uncle….hopefully 🙂


    can you not download the base program straight onto your netbook?

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    Ive got myself a Netbook, and want to put my memory map onto it. I dont have a separate dvd drive to do this. However, I have put the MM files onto a portable hard drive and have drag them onto the netbook. problem is how do i open and run the files? Obvisouly there is no shortcut to click and run like before.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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