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  • Help or advice for riding on Islay?
  • Steve_B

    Any body able to give any any hints on tracks worth a pootle or paths worth an explore? Mapreading is not an problem but if anything is worth an explore or if there are paths that do not appear on the 50K maps then a pointer would be useful.

    I know there is not likely to be much and not looking for big routes – my wife is going next week with a riding partner who is getting back on the bike after recovery from serious injury so it is literally just short trips to get the wheels moving again.

    Any help appreciated – thanks



    What did you end up doing in the end?

    Me and a Mate are taking bikes and enough kit for two days and hoping to ride off road around Islay having a dram in each distillary?

    We've ordered maps but what is the riding like?


    There is a route I did quite a few years ago, it's on my old OS maps, but appears to now be discontinued on new maps.

    *Quite iffy, had to go through a tussock bog at end (ie carrying, but that might be my navigation) and down a ledge I clipped out and walked as it was a-narrow, b-high.

    Anyway if you're interested I can probably talk you through it, best done one way (in fact only sensible one way)


    Cheers gusamc. Maps of Islay have beeen ordered so I might be in touch in the next week or so if that is OK.


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    send her with a list of whisky requriements and don't let her back in the house until the list has been fulfilled! 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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