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  • help needed please, accountancy packages
  • milkyman

    What it is I supply quite a few restaurants with various dairy products and keep a tally of what they have had over a month, at the end of the month I go through my diary adding up what they have all had and work out there bills accordingly, but it takes ages and its prone to mistakes if I miss somthing on the page, I just wondered if there was somthing cheap and more importantly simple to use where I come home just put in what they have all had like to day and adjusts there bill and when I get paid put that in and It deducts it,

    I has to be simples though because I am not great with this kind of thing,

    cheers for any help given

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    I’m out.


    Sage is probably one of the more recognised pieces of software, i’m sure their website can tell you if it does what you need it to.

    Hi Craig,

    I’m looking for a low cost solution myself although my problems aren’t exactly the same as yours.

    This has been recommended to me

    It’s seems to do what I need but I’m not sure about your exact requirments




    Sage Accounts would probably be a good bet. Clear books might work, but some of our customers have had a right ‘mare with it.

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    QuickBooks was recommended to me as cheap and easy, but I just use Excel still.

    I like the thought of you with your dairy diary.


    Clearbooks here to especially now I’ve managed to import all the paypal payments in and out.
    Took a while to suss out but works for me at the minute.


    Not sure on your volume, but couldn’t you just setup an Excel workbook?

    A main Data tab which you update each day, with other sheets for each customer with a sum(if formula for example.

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