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  • crikey

    How far are you racing?

    Do you want to race off road or on or both?

    How much time do you have to train?

    What is the terrain like where you live?

    Do you have access to an off road circuit?

    Do you have access to a safe road circuit?

    Do you have access to a local club, either on or off road?

    Do you want it enough to sacrifice some of the things your mates are doing?


    anything from 10k -100k


    a lot of time 2 full weekends and 4 days during the week with about 4 hours

    near cannock
    yes road but not mtb
    yes i sacrifice it atm they all like bloody football 😛



    You can build fitness/stamina quickest or most effectively by riding on the road; you get a more sustained effort for the same time.

    Get in touch with or carry on riding with the local road club; they may seem like old duffers, but if you can take in what they say, and take in the bits that help you while disregarding all the old wives tales, you will get fitter.

    Do two things; aim to get fit by doing rides as long as your races, and aim to get fast by doing interval and threshold training sessions.

    Do as many races as you can, initially not to win, but to get your race day prep and race strategy sorted.

    Concentrate on improving your skills as well as your fitness.

    Enjoy it as much as you can, you may find you have unlimited energy, but you only have a limited amount of enthusiasm; don’t use it up too quickly.


    cheers should i start running again to work out all the muscles,

    and places where i can get a good diet guide ie how much protein I should be eating etc
    stuff like that would be great


    If you’re going to spend money on the sport spend it on skills and fitness training instead of fancy bike bits. Torq do courses to help you with figuring out training schedules and nutrition – they have a good reputation. Lots of people do skills courses, I’m not sure who would be best round your way.


    All that and join a gym, you’re still young and may/will need to develop your core muscles, and in general all your muscles.

    Sort out a proper Diet, Eat properly to help develop those muscles, be generally healthy and to allow good recovery and a supply of fueled energy.

    Enjoy riding and don’t fall into the training mentality, go out and sod about on the bike with mates once a week, and have a life away from the training…

    Study hard in school/college as a healthy brain and back up plan is needed for if shit happens.

    And when the time comes, do not go to bars and meet women, this was the point that my chance of a career in sports ended..


    thanks for that sharki


    right i want to get really fit etc only 15 years old regularly ride etc

    now have just go a road bike. so i can get the miles in.

    can anyone give me some serious help on how many miles i should be doing. should i run as well as do the road and xc stuff.

    want to start a training program but i don’t know where to start.

    I want to start racing seriously now done Dyfi a bsca school thing got 30th in the dyfi and 2nd nationally. but i really want to make it in this sport.

    Would a coach be handy ?? how often should I be getting out. how many miles a week on road and off road

    any advice would be great.



    And don’t end up posting pics of yourself in full race kit in your bedroom, looking like a proper Bike Geek.

    Wish i could show you a good example….simply_oli might have a copy..:wink:

    And he may have some sound advice as he’s progressed up through the ranks from a junior

    Premier Icon njee20

    Don’t join a gym, buy a swiss ball and some free weights, then look up stuff online, you’ll get more benefit for much less money!

    A coach can certainly be very useful, although if you’re disciplined you can do a lot worse than reading ‘The Mountain Bikers Training Bible’ by Joe Friel and developing your own plan.


    i already have a gym membership just don’t use it.

    and due to the fact i’m under 16 i can only use certain things at a certain time.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    Some very good advice on his web site, he used to write for Cycling plus (not sure if he still does)

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