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  • Hi guys, im abit stuck!

    I recently started doing a lot of bicycle repairs in my spare time (as well as at work), so I thought I would start up my own website and try and make a business out of it.
    But that’s my problem. I have created a website but its taken me ages and I am still not sure its good enough. I have asked friends but they are allways going to say its good!

    Basicly I want to know what you guys would like to see on a mobile mechanics website?

    And if you think mine is good enough? lacking in any way?

    Please have a look and tell me what you think, after all im sure most of you people are who I am targeting with it.

    All help appreciated.


    Anyone got any ideas?


    It’s not the kind of thing I would use, but you really need to be pushing the internet build side of things. Tell people that you will order and fit stuff, take the ‘waited in all day’ side of things and tell people that you will get stuff ordered and delivered and fitted for them. I think it’s the way forwards for smaller independent bike servicers/shops.

    In the nicest way possible, that’s pretty average. One second on the home page and I’ve clicked back.

    Also, there’s a big RED negative on the home page.

    First thing is it should be totally clear what areas you cover. What you do. Who you are.

    To me, and it’s personal obviously, but this is much better, and seems friendlier to your potential audience.

    You dont need the roting images or that. Just a female / family friendly image, a map of where you cover and maybe a photo of you. Then the other pages with the detail.


    website looks gash, instantly turned off by the big red message.

    Also, this is quite possibly the least subtle punt / advert of your own business I’ve seen in a long time on here.

    All of your posts so far as I can see it have been promoting your own business and services. That’s not on,,


    Welcome to Cycle Fix West Yorkshire.

    This text needs to be larger IMO, the font doesn’t look as good as the text in the logo and at the side, it looks all bunched up (or i may need glasses).

    Too much text and not enough pics to illustrate, pictures grab attention, and break up the monotony of a screen filled with a list of service options. Pictures of you at work may would be nice for some sort of context, or even just a bike on a service stand.

    Make more of a thing of your qualifications, get some cytech and dt swiss logos up there if you can to show people straight away when they arrive at the site you know what your doing.

    Services should be before contact us in the header menu.

    I like your logo and think this is a good idea, sorry if you think i’ve been a bit harsh or pedantic, HTH 🙂 .

    BigC – you have completely the wrong idea. Im looking for advice as i said. My only other post was someone looking to get their brakes serviced so i replied, wouldnt you? After all i would be pretty lazy not to reply to a thread asking for someone to fix brakes when im a new business snd its what i do!

    I also think gash is abit harsh is it not? Im after advice and constructive critisism but that just seems offensive to me. Then again i just looked at your website…. Are you joking?

    Dabble – thanks for your reply, thats exactly what i need. I never really noticed the buched up text but i see it now, looks abit messy!

    Qualification logos is also a good idea, i never even thought of that, pretty silly of me really as i put them on my leaflets! 🙂

    Im working on getting some good ‘at work’ shots, hopefully ill have some good ones soon

    Thanks for your help.

    Cheers, James.

    Couldawuddashudda – i think i agree with the res negative, its just hard getting through sometimes when im on the road collecting and delivering etc.

    I like that website, however i tend to cater for more of the high end market, guys who are riding and racing week in week out on the more specialist bikes that say me or you may ride. I guess it probably does look abit to the point though.

    I need to figure out a way to make it look more friendly i think.



    It’s my honest and brief opinion of it. Sorry but it didn’t draw me in, the first thing I see is a large red message saying how busy you are.

    Trying to find out about your services and prices was too hard.

    There are too many fonts battling with each other, pick one, and make that your brand image. Maintain it throughout so visitors get used to the same layout and view on each page.

    Give people an incentive to visit, added value content like links to vimeo, you tube or other sources of cycling related material that people will get used to accessing through your site. They may then come back. Maybe a Q&A ask the mechanic page?

    The graphics look too amateurish (if that’s a word) for a pro website in my opinion. Too many of them going on.

    Do you have limits on your free pick up and return? If so, make them clear or I’ll expect you to come to Scotland to pick my bike up for a £10 tune up.

    All summed up that equals “gash” in my opinion. It could be an interpretation thing. Another word would be, cheap.

    Thanks for your opinion on my blog, it’s not meant to be anything other than a blog, I’m not trying to make a living out of it so I don’t really give a damn about customer feedback on it. The difference is that you should.

    I’d also suggest making your social media presence broader, do you have twitter? If so, make yourself popular with some well followed local riders and get them to promote you, people will trust “pro” opinion more than your own. Get known to your local clubs if you’re not already. Turn up at a local event and offer free spannering to competitors, take pics and plaster them on your site.

    Is that more helpful? Sorry if my first response was too brief. It was honest though.

    cyclefix… you need a thick skin on here. Dont take it personally.

    BigG’s points are now more articulate than mine even though he started out a bit blunt maybe.

    So just to restore balance: your website is gash 😉

    Honestly, keep chipping away and ask for feedback.

    #Edit: we all started off gash. Some of us still are.


    Please have a look and tell me what you think, after all im sure most of you people are who I am targeting with it.

    If you seriously think that your’e onto a loser quickly. Two internet bike forum archetypes

    1)an enthusiast with an expensive bike, built from the frame up with mail order parts, by someone who can strip, fix and rebuild a bike blindfolded.

    2) an enthusiast with an expensive bike, bought as a full build from an LBS who, thanks to dropping $$$, they have a good relationship with and where all their work is done, probably at preferential rates.

    I dont think youll get much business from enthusiasts, and certainly not with that site. I would also have used the word “gash”, describing it as amateur is to be generous. There must be some online “how to” tutorials on how to build websites (I did a course many years ago when I considered a career change and the web page I built in the first hour was more sophisticated than yours), or have you got a mate that is more computer savvy?

    Blunt? Maybe, but I’m from Kirklees so all well meant.


    I was confused by the boxes with letters at the bottom of the screen. One looked like it might say ‘ARSE’ so I clicked on it. I was disappointed.

    Theres some good points.

    I have no website building experience so really this is what i needed.

    crashtestmonkey – i dont really understand what you mean? I allready get lots of work from enthusiasts, thats how ive started out. these people came to me without a website to advertise my services but i feel a website is needed in order to move forward and get more customers and make a succesfull business. Did you read anything on the website? ive worked in the bike industry for over 10 years in high end shops and bike companies so i know my market fairly well. I just no nothing about websites! 🙂

    Bigc – Im working on the vimeo and ‘how to’ stuff at the moment, i agree thats a good idea. the site is in its early stages and there will be alot more interactive stuff added.
    which graphics are you talking about? i was pleased with the logo. the pictures abit rubbish but im working on more at the moment.


    walleater – They are now fixed. 😀

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